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Yes, it’s very early this week. Therefore the list is very short. Quality, not quantity.

1. DoubleAs: Pressure Points in NL

2. Steal the Blinds: The Lesson

3. Go Be Rude: Meanest Poker Blog

I leave for Tahoe in about…16 hours. My limit practice? Limited. I really didn’t want to be the fish on the plane to Reno reading a poker book – that just screams “follow me to the casino and take all my money!!” – but it looks like I will be, as I have yet to crack open SSHE.

Laptop is staying home. Please check out some of the fine reading material on the left there. I’ll be back with I’m sure at least one good story of some dumbass thing I did in a casino.

I have spent my night training for the WSOP, railbirding Sir and then Geek. We even got a little visit from China…always nice.