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So I got myself all bloglines-d, and I realized that I totally forgot to include my fellow Austin bloggers, plus a certain notable LA blogger…oooopppppsssss. It’s all good now though.

1. Tom Bayes and His Weird Poker Adventures: Fish Fry in Metropolis [Tom, you make me want to pack up and go back to Colorado!]

2. DoubleAs: Folding when you think you’re ahead – ring games

3. G-Rob @ Up for Poker: Brick and More-Tar

4. Riding the F Train: Love That Razz! – Starting Hands and Dead Cards

5. Confessions of A Losing Poker Player: What a loser!

6. Riding the F Train: Razz Night at the Blue Parrot

And not really a blog entry per se, but still worth attention – new comic from fellow Austin blogger Broke Gambler.

And don’t forget the WSOP Satellite tonight at Stars!!