Quick! Before the NyQuil kicks in!

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Oh wow. If you could have seen how I spelled “kick” in that subject the first time… you’d wonder if perhaps it wasn’t too late.

Yes, I am sick. Well, getting over it at this point. Now just rocking a near-complete loss of voice as I finish up the Z-pack. As for the other member of the family who was sick, well, he’s apparently going to be just fine. Vegas (and I) thanks you for all your concern. He had a couple of rounds of IVs, a few blood tests showing things normal, and then the final all-clear. Still he was seeming a bit listless; as I told my friend Jessica at lunch one day – I’d know he was really feeling good again when he was back to that typical “teenage” punk dog disposition of “oh, are you here mom?” and not laying his head on my lap every night, etc. You know, when you could tell he wasn’t feeling bad. Two days after that as I was getting ready for work it was all Barky McBarkerson going on in the front of the house (squirrel) and as I left for the day and said goodbye to my dear sweet pooch, he lifted his head and looked at me with that “what? i’m sleeping here” look. Yep. All better.

And now, to the pokers. How about that AlCantHang, huh? I’m going to add “Mad Genius” to his list of monikers for cooking up the BBT5. He’s got the hair for it. I played in the first event Sunday, despite my weakened condition, and was your bubble girl, finishing 16th out of 79. Congrats to Maigrey and jjok for winning their TOC seats!

I’m looking forward to playing more events, though week nights can be a bit tough sometimes (whine whine work whine whine work). As my BFF Dawn Summers tweeted, it was great seeing everyone together playing again – so much fun. Thanks Al, and thanks FullTilt. And now, to steal from Dawn stealing from Astin the BBT5 prizes writeup and what not:

If you haven’t checked out Al’s post with all the details yet… you should.

$50,000 in prizes. 3 WSOP Main Event packages! A whack (that’s a lot… about $14,000 worth or so) of $2000 freerolls and bracelet race packages!

I’ll be doing my damndest to make every tournament. That would include the invitationals on Sundays @ 7, The Poker From the Rail games on Mondays at 10, and of course, the venerable Mookie on Wednesdays at 10.

I’m actually most stoked about the new Monday games. I’ve long lamented the loss of The MATH tournaments and their $26 buy-ins. The higher price brings with it a smaller field and better play than the $11 Mookie (but I still love the Wednesday staple). The Sunday games could turn out to be some of the most interesting though.

And the best part? This starts this Sunday and end in just over a month! No 3 months of slogging through fields. No points-whoring. It’s quick, and you have to win to get in to the ToC.

You really need to be playing these games with us. They’re too much fun, and these prizes are awesome. See you tomorrow?