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So here was today in a nutshell:

Wake up, and realize that really, I don’t have to be anywhere on any schedule and with a football game downtown the one place I am supposed to be isn’t really the best place to actually BE anytime soon. [Parking would be, as they say, a bitch.]

Where I was supposed to be – Fun Fun Fun Fest. The schedule – the only OMG absolutely must see was The Dead Milkmen because it’s The Dead Milkmen. And if you’re asking why, we will immediately come back and ask how old you are. Likely you’re in your mid-20s. (Note: that’s still no excuse.)

Gus was in town for the occasion, and by that I mean he was in town precisely for The Dead Milkmen. I had other friends headed out to the fest as well, but had gotten word that they were not going to be making it due to illness. Another reason to put myself back in bed. Which I did.

When I finally got it together to head out, I got a text that indeed everyone was sucking it up and would be there – game on. We arrived at the exact same time, hung out for a bit, then I met up with Gus and we took in Rival Schools before making it over to Dan Deacon. Best tweet of the night goes to Gus from that set:

april blowing smoke into a 4yr old’s face reminds me of what music festivals are all about.

For starters, why you bringing your child to a show like that in the first place? For seconds, the kid had a hoodie on. For thirds, you know he got all kinds of smoke exposed to him before the day was over. And for forths, I only smoke when drinking, so shut it.

After that it was off to Tim Fite, who made quite the impression, particularly with the dude on stage wearing an elk head or whatever… I’m not really up on my animal heads. And then, of course, was The Dead Milkmen. Which you either get or you don’t. It was more sentimental for me, granted, but still… it’s The Dead Milkmen.

As is tradition, the night concluded at Mugshots.

More tomorrow. I have to sleep now.