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I could play in the College Poker Championship this afternoon, as I won my way in many months ago. But no, I think I’ll go have lunch with a friend and then go luggage shopping for my trips to Vegas, and Memorial Day weekend trip to Tahoe. (Yes, it’s a rough life – I fly to Tahoe the Thursday before Memorial Day, fly back to Austin the Tuesday after, and then Vegas two days later).

Besides, I’m a little hungover from hanging out with my neighbors last night. I thought about writing something similar to Pauly’s “Existentialist Conversations with Strippers”, only mine would have been “Existentialist Conversations with Drug-Dealing Felons”, but I didn’t have a tape recorder handy, and that was seriously neccessary to get the finer points of the conversation. Suffice to say, it’s all the man’s fault, and if you have enough money to throw at the problem, you’re cool. This government major, daughter of a former high-ranking prison offical kept her mouth shut, smiled and nodded, and tipped back her glass.

I freakin love my new apartment.