Poker Princess Invitational

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(a.k.a “Give me your chips and you might see some boobies”)

Have I mentioned that my birthday is in eight days?

To honor such, Heather “Crazy-ass Poker Princess” is coming to A-Vegas for a visit. As such, you can expect poker, dial-a-shots, and for those of you lucky enough to be in town…let’s just say things get a little interesting after two glasses of wine. How crazy, you ask? I have chat transcripts around here somewhere…

To honor her visit which is honoring me, we’ll be having a little poker night next Friday (that’s the 28th, day after my birthday, day before the party, for those of you keeping track at home). Adam has again graciously agreed to host. I have no idea what we’ll be playing…I would imagine a little NL SnG perhaps, and then I suppose we could let Heather pick a game after that, but good God it’d probably be PLO8 or something like that. Anyway, all are welcome to join us – rumor is a media-type from Louisiana might even make it to town in time for the game. I have no idea what time we’ll be starting – Adam? (How’s that for a test? ;))

And as previously stated, all are welcome to join us for the party on the 29th. Aside from visiting bloggers, we hope to also have a long-distance blogger DJ’ing. And plenty of drinks. Oh, and cake.