Please Hold

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In my assorted travels on campus today I noted several people dozing off at tables or falling asleep on the bus, the thud from their heads hitting the window awaking them briefly and keeping them from missing their stop. UT’s fall semester historically begins half-way in the week before Labor Day, giving the allusion of easing everyone back in to the school routine with a few weeks of light coursework. Only the freshman believe that to be the case, at least until they meet the cold reality in the eyes of professors who really don’t care that you’ve got other assignments due at the same time as theirs.

Yes, I’ve been busy, and as such haven’t had much time to play poker (save for an off-site meeting yesterday), but thoughts of it have found their way into my conscious, popping up only long enough to tease me into sitting down and developing them out.

Which I will do, very soon, or else I’ll continue to suffer from the too-tired-to-do-anything-yet-can’t-fall-asleep insomnia that has plagued me as of late.

Right now though, I’m off to Houston, where I get to take in the season opener for my beloved Houston Texans. As they are hosting the Eagles, CJ is driving in for the game, and I suggested a prop bet to Al, but he declined, saying he would feel bad taking it. CJ doesn’t have much faith in the Texans either, but I’m expecting my team to prove them wrong.

While I’m on the road, you need to head over to PokerNews and read the fantastic reporting that Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli did into the WSOP chip count discrepancies. We all knew the counts were off, and all knew the reasons we were being given for it was bunk, but Amy and Tim actually took the time to break it all down and locate the cause of the problem. It’s a great piece, and definately a must-read.

When you’re done with that, I’ll meet you back here.