“Picture Pages, Picture Pages…”

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So, someone with way to much time on their hands figured out that the first picture you take with a Sony Digital camera has the same file name. And that if you do a Google image search on said file name…you’ll find all sorts of stuff. And boy howdy, do you ever.

Others have already culled through the masses and posted some of the better ones and made their smartass comments….I of course have to bring you mine. Let this be a lesson kids…if you’re gonna post pics on the web, for the love of God, rename those files.

Leslie…is that you??

I don’t think the lighter is supposed to go there…

Now…I am all for cute cat pics…but this is one f’ed-up lookin cat right here!

Umm…no. I think I’d rather go with the guy from the pic above if I have to go with alternative cigarette lighting methods…

Listen Dad, I want to give you a raise, really, I do, but first, I have to see an increase in your performance. I count on you to bring in business and you are not living up to my expectations. I can’t reward you for that right now.” [Wow…how quickly that corporate bs comes back to me, huh?]

Don’t you hate it when you’re sitting there reading and all of a sudden a frog jumps up and attacks your book? Damn frogs