Pay no attention to the man in the red jersey…

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…at least not when he’s in your mind, like the little angel/devil thing on your shoulder.

Decided to play in a freeroll on UB today. They have multiple ones throughout the day, but they usually start at bad times for me – except for the one that starts around noon. Problem is, I forget about it most days because I get sucked into all your damn blogs! πŸ™‚ But today – I remembered. Free poker, great, huh?

It started out well. Second hand I get Kings UTG. Blinds are 5/10, so I raise it 20 and get four callers. Flop is Jc Qs 5d. I bet the pot, 105, and get one caller. Turn is Ad; I bet 315 and he calls again. River comes Kh. I bet 500 and my opponent goes all-in for 1050. So I think…did you really just make your straight that you’ve been drawing to all this time, or was I beat all along by two pair and that was my miracle King? Since I was fairly pot committed at this point, I called. He had Qc 6s.

Spent a lot of time mucking at that table. I’d get good cards but not be able to use them. I’d get bad cards and not be able to use them either. Oh, I’d try…but these people were calling with anything and everything. Raises meant nothing, so no fancy play here. Did loose a few chips before I accepted that though…(IM to John – “Remind me to not bluff calling stations”.) I went into fold fold fold mode, so much so that I was about to fall asleep. Then along came my “signature” hand, Aces. (Figure it out people – check the about me page if you need to). Blinds at 20/40, I raised to 160. It was re-raised to 560…then an all-in for 4820. Well hell, of course I’m calling! I only have 2020, so a side pot is created. Re-raiser calls too, and we’ve got ourselves a game. I was up against KK and AK, and thankfully neither of them improved. I tripled up from that hand, which was good, because that was pretty much it for me.

Table #2 was a nice one because the players were better. Oh, and so were the cards. It’s always nice when you can match up the ones in your hand with the ones on the board. I got pocket 10s with the blinds at 30/60, re-raised to 350 pre-flop, and then saw a flop of Th Kd 8d. I bet 600, putting one player all-in, who called. He had Qh As and never improved. I’ve always liked pocket 10s. I think it has something to do with a crush I had in middle school. Plus October is the 10th month, and of course…(seriously, read the damn about me page people). Also, at this point, Chris gets an offline IM from me that says “Where are you when I’m in a tourney, huh?”. Probably sleeping. Or coming up with new ways to mock Hellmuth. Surely not working. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, my time at table two was short-lived. It was pleasant there. Table three was an all-in fest with two big stacks who were quite happy to call. I was just waiting for my chance to get something worthwhile to even attempt a move with, but it never came. And then on to…

Table #4 at which point the blinds are rising, and my stack isn’t. And I have that lightbulb moment that “Oh. I can’t probably bluff now, huh?”. Hmm….something to consider baby. Blinds at 75/150, I’ve got T7210. I get wired sevens UTG, so I decide to limp. Well…short stack goes all in for 1425, and gets two callers. So I folded.

[I’m just kidding; I just wanted to see if I could hear Hank call me an idiot all the way from LA. ;)]

I call, and flop comes 9c Jd 9d. Those of us with chips left check it all the way down. Turn is 4h and river is 2s. All-in had Qs 9s, so very nice flop for them, the other two has Ks 3s and Ah 5h (yea…)

So that hurt. Was it a bad call? No, I don’t think so. (Feel free to tell me otherwise). THIS however…

Blinds at 75/150, me in LP with T5560 and Jd Qh. Pre-flop it’s raised by the BB to 900. I call along with one other, and at the time, I think “What could you be raising with there? Steal? Or…?”. [Yes – or what? Not everyone limps in with their aces or kings from EP hon!] Flop comes Ah Js 7s and raiser checks. Other guy bets 150, I raise to 1000. (Why? Well why not? Agression isn’t all bad). I get called. Turn is 8h. Raiser checks again. Other guy bets 150 again. I call, raiser calls. River is Kd. Raiser bets 6375 (someone woke up!) so now other guy is going all-in for 1430. And finally, I lay my hand down. Raiser had Kings. Other guy had As Qd. My mistake was not letting it go on the turn, and not paying enough attention to this. It did cross my mind that the raiser had big pockets, but since I wouldn’t have played them that way, I just would not let go of the idea that he didn’t have them. And we’re going to ignore the fact that any Ace on the board had me beat too. Like I said…took a stab at a semi-bluff on the flop and it didn’t work. Should have dropped it on the turn and saved some blind money.

So I’m sitting back, just clicking the fold button, when all of a sudden, this little guy appears in my head. He’s kinda cute, you’ve seen him before I’m sure – red jersey, spikey black hair? Anyway, he says to me, “What would Chris do right now? You’ve spent enough time on the rail with him…surely some of it has sunk in by now“. Well, surely indeed. What would Chris do?

Blinds at 100/200, stack at 3210 – Chris would make a move. I have the button and 8h 5s. Three limpers in, I raise to 1500. Two fold…third in re-raises to 4800. D’oh! Was that my hand in the cookie jar? Screw you Chris. Bad influence you are. πŸ™‚

Allright, maybe that one was too obvious, being on the button and all. But blinds are high, stack is really low now…and then I get it – 9-2 off. I’m all-in. Maybe it’ll pay off for one of us. One caller, with AK. And 9-2 continues its losing tourney streak, as I finish 341st out of 2500.

I’m not too terribly upset with myself other than I should have been more agressive at other times, made more moves, etc. Playing tight and getting lucky can get you fairly far in a tourney, but once the blinds start rising you have to really start relying on that luck factor, and that’s hard to fall back on.