Gamble for Good #wpbt

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I was reading yesterday about a woman lamenting how her generous friend would pay for them to both go to dinner, spa days, etc. and how it made the friend feel bad because she couldn’t afford these things but her friend could, and as a result, was always paying. She wanted it to stop. And having been on both sides of that coin, I understood her feeling but also knew that the generous friend was paying because she could, because she wanted the company, and at no point was she…read more


WPBT Update – 3 days

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We’ve reached the point where you start counting down the number of “sleeps” before touching ground in Las Vegas. Many of you I’ll be seeing this Thursday. I can’t wait. My co-twit Chilly summed up our weekend plans thustly: Couple of changes to that – one, Steel Panther sadly canceled their show Saturday night, so it’s off the table. For Sunday, I’m still on the hunt for a place that could accomodate a large group of people but not make us all share one tab (trouble) or having a thousands-dollars…read more


WPBT Update: Last Longer

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Good news folks! The lovely and talented Katie B has volunteered to coordinate a last-longer contest for us this year. Same drill that you’re familiar with – put together your team of 3, assign a cute name, then post that info in the comments of this post. When we arrive in Vegas, each team will need to give Katie $15. Winner payouts will be determined based on the number of teams entering. Thanks Katie for taking this one on! And now, in the remember when category… While I’ve never taken…read more


WPBT Memories: Part 1

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Sorry for the delay in the planned trip down memory lane. One, it’s a been absolutely crazy… like all year. Two, I may have gotten lost in a “find a new WordPress theme” rabbit hole for a day or two. I am notoriously picky about them. And then when I find one, inevitably it won’t install for some reason. But as part of trying to install one, I had to search the ole Google archives for an access code, and in that process came across a comment from Betty that…read more


WPBT Winter Classic – Countdown Begins

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Greetings degenerates! Now that November is upon us (holy crap, can you believe it’s already NOVEMBER? Jeez…) ANYWAY, now that it’s November, that means we’re fast approaching the WPBT Weekend – woo hoo! To address a couple of questions that have come up in the past week: 1. Yes, you can still get a room at Aria. I’m sending requests in until they tell me we’re cut off. If you’ve requested a room and haven’t heard back yet, please drop me a line. Everyone should have a confirmation letter (except…read more


Email from Scott – Guys Night

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Last Friday, I was sitting in the San Jose airport waiting for a flight to Vegas (wedding-location scouting trip, not degenerate gambling trip) and was checking email on the phone. As I was reading this one, the smile and then laughter gave away who it was from – Jason looked over and said “Must be an email from Scott”. It started off innocently enough. My old poker buddies were getting together for a night of light drinking and bullshitting. This game ran for 8 years but this is the first…read more

WPBT Winter Classic 2011

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Last year I announced plans for the Winter Classic on July 2nd. It would be cute to announce this year’s plan on the same day, but that’s a Saturday this year and it doesn’t really work for me. Today I have a laptop and a train ride in which to type away. Also, this year holds the record for single most easily booked event EVER. EVER. I cannot speak higly enough of Adam Altwies and the crew at Aria Poker. Immediate response to my request, and immediately looked for ways…read more

Emails from Scott: Red Sox vs Astros

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If you haven’t noticed yet, either because you’re living under a rock, or you have no interest in baseball and no friends who have an interest in baseball (in which case, I am so so sorry for you) – it’s getting to be baseball time. Pitchers and catchers have reported, Spring Training is underway, and some people are starting to get a little rabid about it. Having been born and raised in Houston, the Astros are my team; heartbreaking though that often is. I have a fondness for the A’s,…read more

Emails from Scott – Valentine’s Day

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I have never understood the hate some people feel for Valentine’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to love – what could possibly be wrong with that? Oh sure, it’s commercialized, but so is Christmas. And sure, if your significant other is only getting their act together on this one day to tell you that you’re loved, you’ve likely got a problem. BUT STILL – love and flowers and chocolate! How could anything with all that be BAD? I know many men find it to be a landmine of epic proportions….read more

I have news

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‘Round about last summer I went to Vegas for a weekend, part “see my reporter friends before they hit the downward part of the WSOP”; but bigger part – to meet up with an awesome dude I had met a few months prior, and maybe have a date or two and see if he was as good in person as he was on paper. We had our first date at the MGM West Wing Bar, followed by dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s, then rounded things off with a stop at the…read more