Our New Ambassador

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I was really *really* hoping it wouldn’t come to this.

But yet, here we are, with Jamie Gold as our poker ambassador for the next year. I wish him well, and I hope that he and his family enjoy the riches, but it should have been Allen Cunningham.

Allen played great poker, right up to the very last hand. And even then, he went out getting his money in ahead. With Michael Binger raising UTG and Jamie Gold flat calling, it was folded to Allen, who moved all in, a definite show of strength, even with his smaller stack. Michael took awhile to fold and even Phil Gordon, sitting in the booth, said, “There’s no way Jamie Gold can call here.”

And he did. With King fucking Jack. Allen turned over pocket tens, and for that moment, Jamie looked like a genius.

Of course, we only have to rewind an hour or so to see Paul Wasicka trying the same thing with King-Queen and running into Kings. In both cases, you’re calling with a crap hand praying you’ve got a coin-flip.

I have no idea what Allen’s range is, but Jamie just saying “Man, i really hope I have a coin flip here because i wanna bust you” is a definite mistake. Jamie had been playing small pot poker once it got to four-handed and this was his obvious deviation from that strategy. He just wanted Allen gone. And he got damn lucky.

I have no real clue how Jamie will treat his new place in the poker world, and I’m sure overall it will be entertaining. Sometimes though he got on my nerves. All the table talk proves to me he’s never really shed the attitude from the 200NL tables at Hollywood Park. Especially the “Gotcha!” leering that went on after he’d put players to the test and he’d hesitate. The taunting that he did was disrespectful and over the line, in my opinion.

And the other thing that was learned here tonight? Michael Binger, know your Tournament Rules. Jamie gold flashed a card during Michael’s decision, and it was rightly pointed out by the commentary crew that it should be a ten minute penalty. But somehow, the TD didn’t see it, and Michael didn’t call it. With Jamie Gold gone for ten minutes, Paul and Michael could have gone on a blind-stealing spree that could have changed the momentum for sure.

The worst part of all this? We get to listen to Calvin Ayre’s bloated ass for a year about how they have the world champ. Pokerstars always did it right, I do not have the same faith in Bodog. Again, we shall see.

Congrats to everyone at the final table, and enjoy your 60% cut after taxes.