One Week Notice

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“The scariest thing you’ve ever done is always right on the horizon.” -Ben Folds

I hadn’t been to Commerce Casino in ages, or any LA cardroom, come to think of it. For me, any incentive to bother had diminished long ago. The rush of sitting in the poker room staring down an opponent just wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it was because it wasn’t new to me anymore; maybe it’s because i’d come to realize the quality of the games and the dealers wasn’t really worth the drive. The exception to this rule, of course, was going with friends and attacking the cardroom in a coordinated assault.

And so it was, as I drove to Burbank to pick up Andy, and make one of the last trips to Commerce I’d probably make in a long time.

I pulled up to Andy’s house and he made his way to the car, stopping before he opened the door.

“Okay… first things first: Where are you moving now?”

Sigh… I had once again proved sucky by not keeping him up to tabs on the current events of the wife and I. Over the span of the drive, I laid it all out for him.

This Friday is my last day working in the online poker industry. One of the harder decisions I’ve ever had to make was whether I was walking away or not. And in the end, I think it’s the right decision for me and Kori. I’ve been with this company for exactly a year now, and have had a great time seeing things from the inside out. But, as many people sometimes have to do, I had to stop and take stock of the direction of things, and make sure our course heading was where we wanted to end up.

I’ve loved my time here, incidentally. I do not easily fit into the office lifestyle of a software company, and yet, here I was, doing an okay job and enjoying it. But, it’s not my goal in life. My goals are somewhere completely different, and staying here and feeling like i’m “doing okay” is not a high aspiration.

So, what are we doing? For the summer, I’m going to be working on Pink Five full time, and then after Labor Day, the wife and I return to Florida. I’m going back to school and getting the piece of paper that eluded me previously at the DAVE School saying I’d finished their courses. I have some freelance work lined up, and I’m going to be a full time filmmaker. I finally have enough experience under my belt that I can look someone in the eye and not feel bad for wanting to be paid in full for my services.

So, we’re resetting. I’m extremely fortunate that I’m in a position to chase after what’s worthwhile and have your loved ones back you up every step of the way. We’re going after it at full speed. And that’s a good feeling.