Once Upon A Time

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there was a girl who blogged nearly every day. She wrote about whatever was on her mind and didn’t really care if anyone saw it. She wrote like she was talking to an old friend and felt free to be her random self. She found that some people were reading after all – her friends! – which is what she had hoped for all along. She was happy.

One day the girl decided to play a new game. She really enjoyed it and played it a lot. A LOT. She played it so much that she no longer wrote about the random things and the silly things and about the new song she was listening to or the class she finally got in to. She wrote about the game. Always the game. She met other people who played and they too wrote about the game. They became friends and she would meet up with them in amazing places where they would all play the game together until the sun came up, and then they’d go to bed and do it again the next day. She kept writing about the game and she liked it and eventually people started to pay her to do it. She thought it was a little crazy, but thought it was exciting and dove in even though a part of her always felt like she didn’t really belong there.

After a while that feeling got to her. Blogging wasn’t fun anymore. She wasn’t able to do it without over thinking every little word and worrying that people who read it might not like it. She found it was easier to share in 140 characters where she could be cryptic and not really give the full story. She kept in touch with her friends there and it didn’t seem like she needed the blog anymore. She wasn’t able to play the game every day anymore so she didn’t have that to write about. She gave the blog a new name and only wrote a few times a year. The blog was sad and so was the girl. Sometimes when she had something on her mind she’d find herself composing a blog post in her mind as she drifted off to sleep… but it was never there in the morning.

Time went by, and a lot changed. The girl got married, started a new job, moved to a new place (twice), and had a very rough time for many months. She missed the blog. She missed being able to express herself without giving much of a damn what someone thought of it. She missed the way she used to share whatever random thing was on her mind. She wondered if perhaps she could get back there again.