OMG y’all I totally know what I’m going to write

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….assuming I can find the Word doc with the notes I created many months ago for my “epic” little tale. It’ll be hawesome.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned how excited I am that Nickerson has resurrected the Vlog that coined that magical word? Cause I am.

LOST VLOGS: The birth of “HAWESOME!” from Shane Nickerson on Vimeo.

And finally, my laugh of the day, courtesy of the lovely MagsMac. As we discussed God Only Knows What, I remarked that I would send the Houston Zoo‘s Toby, the World’s Cutest Animal, on an attack mission. To which Mags responded, “Toby would never. Toby is good at math and dresses like a gentleman.”

houston zoo toby

Ed! Buy me!”