OMG I have no computer!!!

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I came home last night with a rant-y post in mind, and sat down to fire up the laptop (in complete denial of the fact that it was giving me a horrible Windows error when I left for work that afternoon) and again got the error.


So I called the BestBuy Geek Squad, after my dear friend Maigrey gave me the number, which was, rather obviously, 1-800-GEEK SQUAD. I was on hold FOREVER and then finally got transfered to someone who, for the low price of $80, told me he knew how to fix my problem, but I needed a Windows XP disk.

I have no such disk. I have a recovery disk that has all the software on it, but nooooo that would not work. Enter calls to everyone I can think of to see if they have said disk. None do. (Of course, I find out today that had I called the papaya-seeing boss, HE has one from when his computer suffered this same fate. Damnit).

My option? Use the recovery disk, which will fix my problem, but wipe out my hard drive in the process. Hell no. Not only would I lose all my music files, my government notes, and my favorites, but I’d have to reinstall the 20 poker sites I have on the thing!

So off to BestBuy today, where they have a Windows XP disk, and they are happy to fix the computer for me, but it will cost me another $80 and may take 48 hours.

I nearly cried. 48 hours??? “It’s like a restaurant”, the tech guy told me, “Everyone goes in order of arrival.” Yes, but if I tip the hostess, I bet I can pass up all those other poor saps. Fine. I suppose I can live. I’m driving to Houston tonight to switch cars with my dad and drop off the kids with their grandparents. (Grandma and Grandpa are gonna be a little surprised about their new grandson Vegas, whom they have never met and know nothing of. :D)

Computerless…ack. I have work to do dammit!! On the plus side, I did a lot last night. Bathed dog, mopped floors, and whipped up brownies for the gang here at work and also presents for my girls.

Still feel like I’ve lost a limb. Stupid Windows. [First person to make an “Apple Rules” comment gets a kick in the junk!]