OMG Helixx posted!!!

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Go now, if only because I asked so nicely. (Please? Please won’t you go check out that little link there?). And be warned that if you mention to a group of 3 or more bloggers something you “thought” about doing/posting, you will totally be harassed into doing it by the time you go to bed (and not hit the gym in the morning).

No poker this weekend, unfortunately. I didn’t even do my research on the little project us girls are cooking up, choosing instead to attend a party where the wine and champagne was flowing freely, and the UT game was projected on a garage door along with being shown on several other TVs throughout the house. I thought of how Jaxia would likely react to seeing such a sight – that no event in Austin can apparently go on during game time without it suddenly revolving around the game itself. When she was here for the AWPBT, she joined me on a trip to the UT bookstore, where she saw first-hand the extent of Longhorn Madness, and then was disturbed to see entire families decked out in burnt orange on game day. (And if you think that’s bad, wait till you hear what Adam did…) As an aside, those of you in town are encouraged to visit Grapevine Market and request the “get laid” wine. And get me a bottle while you’re there. Best wine ever; sure wish I could remember the name of it. (And you would hate it BG).

Sunday was spent with the Texans (losers) and quality time with fellow bloggers (two of whom should never doubt me when I say the Saints are going to win). By the way, those of you in Austin can thank me for the rain this weekend – I washed the car Friday. My streak for rain-bringing is intact, but alas my railbirding streak is not. I feel like such a failure…

Finally, LA has a great (relatively) new poker blogger whose site I came upon a while back (shared love for Phil, I believe), and I have failed to mention here. Aside from having great taste in poker players, she does a mighty fine write-up as well.