old teenage hopes are alive at your door

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So what’s new pussycat?

We’ll start with the most important and present it in the bullet points, cold-medicine-about-to-kick-in format:

  • Most importantly: 2-0 bitches!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to say that. It’ll be even nicer next week when it’s 3-0. You think not? Who was the last team to beat the Colts? THE TEXANS.
    As previously stated, the big sports stuff goes on Up For Sports, so I’ll save you the details of why I’m going to third base with just anyone wearing a Texans shirt every Sunday. But of course if you’re curious…
  • I have a new phone. For most of you this would not be a big deal, but I am odd and get a little too attached to my toys. I consider switching to a new phone to be on the same level as ending a relationship, though admittedly it’s been a bit easier to upgrade men than phones in some situations.
    I’ve had the Sidekick for a little over a year; finally deciding one day during my Vegas stint covering the WSOP that instead of continuing to envy Ryan’s I would just go get my own. I found the closest T-Mobile store to the strip, called ahead to make sure there would be no issues doing a number port on an Austin number while in Las Vegas, and went to pick it up. I spent the rest of the day willing the port process to happen so I could ditch the old phone, and finally the next morning in the dark of my room at the MGM Grand, I woke up to find the Sidekick trackball happily glowing, indicating it was in charge now. Maybe seeing how the Sidekick was linked with two of the things I love most helps you understand why I was more than a little attached.
    Still, I kept running up against it’s limitations, namely the text messaging limits and the brick-like size and shape. When I go out to clubs or shows, I like to lock up the purse and just take my keys, ID, credit card, and phone in my pockets. This becomes a little difficult when the phone takes up a pocket all it’s own, and also tends to weigh down my pockets so much that any pair of jeans becomes a low-rise pair of jeans.
    Enter the Dash. Highly recommended by Gus and Metsgrrl, as well as the very patient IT guy at my office who entertained all my weird pre-purchase tests.

    “Are you done with your call?”
    “Can I see your phone for a second? I’m not going to do anything to it, I just want to put it in my pocket.”

    Despite all the glowing reviews, I was still very reluctant to switch once I made it to the T-Mobile store. Once the SIM card was switched out and the Sidekick was powered back on, the trackball started to flash and the screen filled with the “no SIM card” error. I had a brief moment of OMGWHATHAVEIDONETHISISAHUGEMISTAKE panic, but reminded myself I had 14 days with the Dash before I had to commit. It only took one. I’ve found a good home for the Sidekick, someone I know who will appreciate it and love it and call it George. (Which will confuse it terribly, because everyone knows I call my electronics Steve.)

  • I was the fortunate host to 130lbs of fury this past weekend, and we took in a few ACL aftershows. Thursday was all Austin bands – Spoon, Sound Team, and Alright Tonight. Quick review – good, better, omg no. I think every Spoon fan knows they’re more a recording band than a live one, but it was still an enjoyable show. The next night was drinking downtown, capped off with Gus time, then Saturday was Scott’s tour of Austin, followed by a late lunch, then more shows. This time was the Ryan-approved lineup of The National and Blonde Redhead, along with some other band I totally forget the name of. The National was the big draw to this show, and the venue was packed with people. It was also outdoors and incredibly hot. When I am hot and sticky, I hate being in large crowds because inevitably someone is going to touch me. I’m not sure why we feel the need to put our hands on a stranger’s back and we pass behind them in a crowd, but it happens. The show itself was great (the part where The National played at least), but it’s the weather/crowd combo that always has me swearing I’m giving up the whole show scene. Which I usually do for about a month and then I forget all about that.

    I’ve had the pleasure of several visitors this year, but there are still some of you who have not made it down. May I remind you that my birthday is next month and I live in Austin?

  • No, you still can’t leave comments. You’ll be the first to know when you can.
  • And thus concludes our bullet point broadcast day. In closing, I present you my current favorite song, and today’s title source.