Oh Carlos…

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Such mixed emotions for my Astronomy TA…

On the one hand, the man clearly loves his job. But he seduces me with these awesome PowerPoint study guides, convincing me that I’ve got it all down…and then bam…test…wtf? Come on Carlos…you knew what the test was like!! Give us a break! LOL.

At least I did better on this one than the last…at least that’s my feeling. On the last one, I left KNOWING I had bombed. I leave this feeling fairly confident that I passed (dude, a D is passing)…at least this time I actually answered the essay questions (last time I did not at all). I may not have answered them to the level they wanted to be answered, but oh well. See, that’s the thing…I was all ready to give my opinion on f(l) – the part of the Drake equation that estimates the number of planets in the univerase that have life…but THAT WASN’T A FREAKIN QUESTION! You tease Carlos… So if anyone is interested in my opinion…see me after class… Sigh…next time I get this great idea to take an upper-division course that ISN’T in my major…would someone please shoot me? Thanks.

There is something very….appropriate…about sitting here after my test, in this weather (overcast, cool), typing away…and listening to the new R.E.M. album. Yay…it’s been so long. Even more appropriate that the current song is Electron Blue…damn irony. Ignore all reviews of this album because they are most likely written by people who only began listen to R.E.M. when it became cool to do so…so they are clueless morons who know nothing. The one in the Daily Texan said it wasn’t as good as Automatic for the People…when you compare any R.E.M. album to any album from that period, you immediately lose points with me…and I’m going to stop right here, in case I offend anyone who finds those to be their best. 🙂 Anyway…the best thing about R.E.M. is that they grow with each album. It’s always different, but still retains that part of them that you fell in love with…so it’s not like you’re picking up the CD and going “who the hell are these guys?” (except for that ONE time…LOL). They’re not afraid to take risks…and they’re not going to just sit around and let the world move around and pass them by either. Despite losing a central member of the band they’ve kept it going and kept it going well. I’m a happy girl. And you know me…even though they’ve been my favorite band for years, if this new album sucked, I’d tell ya.

So yesterday was a mixed day…take the good of the R.E.M. acquisition with the bad of finding out Brad will be leaving next month. Single women all over Austin are suddenly struck with depression and they don’t know why… We will miss ya Brad.