Oh, And By The Way, Poker Content

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I wanted to write about this, because it bears talking about on a poker blog such as this one, but everyone was more interested in Comic-Con and that deigned a seperate post as neccessary.

I started off the day by having the 2nd worst session I’ve ever had at the poker tables. My worst was 500 dollars being dropped at one 100NL table in two hours as two guys who were normally at the 5/10NL game decided to drop down and goof off by pushing randomly preflop. I tried to capitalize and got my money in ahead in 60/40’s 3 times, losing them all. I built back up and got in with KK vs. 66, but lost in a Gavin Smith-like fashion to a flopped set.

Today, however, was more painful because I sat at a table full of maniacs, watching people get in their money with 33 thinking there was no way they were up against an overpair, and stumbling into dumb luck by getting called by A2. Meanwhile, QQ ran into AA twice, AK ran into KK, and 99 ran into AA when the ultra-aggro guy to my right pushed from the SB with nobody else in the hand. His VPIP is 60, i’m going to call with 99. And i’m going to be a 5-1 dog when he shows his Rockets.

Now, I’ve lost about 400 dollars. This is usually where the wheels come off in true geek fashion, as I jam on the raise button repeatedly, not satisfied until my opponents have felt the sheer will of my betting patterns in a Juri Geller-like effort to force their fold like an unwilling spoon. This, in turn, becomes extremely -EV poker and it doesn’t stop until I’ve lost everything on that website. But today was different, as I was playing well within my bankroll and I kept my cool about it.

By the end of the day, I was only down 50 bucks. And considering how good I’ve been running, I’m still way up for the week. I felt so good, I jumped into a PLO8 game and came out up more than a buy-in. 2234 made quads on a AA22K board, and with two other people in the hand I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the low to come in on the river or not. In the end I think I extracted maximum value out of the hand. It feels good to dabble in other games and pad the roll at the same time.

See, this is why I’m not getting any scripts done.