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Odds of getting a Royal Flush in poker:
1 in 649,740

Odds of me getting an e-mail from a friend that starts with “If I bring you a bottle of Crown, can I/will you…”:
1 in 3

Both have occured this week

Oddly enough, I get a royal flush and I get called a fish? (term given to someone who is bad/new) to poker. Off the flop I had 12 outs to a straight…either Queen high or Ace high. While I certainly wasn’t drawing for a Royal (because really…I don’t have money to just THROW away) I had odds to draw. Yes…a runner runner Royal is a little obnoxious, I will admit. But I really hate people who feel the need to bitch and whine about another person’s good fortune (like luck has never played a part in poker?)…especially those who didn’t even lose any money. Why does the game of poker bring out so many assholes? It’s such a beautiful game, requiring so much strategy and thought (and that bit of luck too)…yet it attracts such idiots. And while I don’t mind playing with those morons (except of course, when they get lucky and catch that card that saves them on the river)…I just wish they would kick their own dog (so to speak…not really advocating dog-kicking here) and shut the hell up. When I first started playing, and all the pros would talk about how the game was getting “ruined” by the online players…I thought they were just threatened since Moneymaker had just won the WSOP, etc. No…now I get it. It used to be you had to have some money and some class to come into a casino. Now any idiot with a computer and as a little as $2 can play online, get lucky and turn that $2 into $20, and come be a pain in my ass. If you don’t even have the intelligence to know what you’re talking about…shut up. Because they all looked that much stupider at the end of their night when they were broke, and well…I wasn’t. 🙂

Anyway…that’s my little rant for this week. While the whole player behavior issue is one that bothers me, there is the other issue of me actually caring what people say/think. Which I’ve always had and just need to get the hell over. Especially if I want to be really good at this game.

Tournament tonight at PokerStars. Poker bloggers and readers. Watch or better yet play. See Iggy for details.