No Point in Waiting

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I’m just gonna say it, cause there’s no real lead-in: Kori and I are getting married in… (checks whiteboard) 18 days. Yes, for you math majors out there, December is not 18 days away. No, for the nosy people, we are not rushing the wedding because of a mini-geek on the way, as the lady who worked at the tuxedo store immediately assumed.

There’s a very good reason we moved it up, but I’m not talking just yet.

Anyways, due to the short notice of all this, we’re having a very small ceremony with close friends and family. It is not the larger festive blogger bash that we had envisioned and hoped for, and logistics became the main culprit.

In telling a few people about the news, people who couldn’t make it are still asking us where we’re registered at. Well, until Friday, we weren’t. But we’ve tackled that obstacle and now it’s done. We’re registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and for those really in a geeky mood who can’t fathom the idea of flatware, there’s a short wish list up on ThinkGeek. I feel weird posting wish lists on a website like I’m some webcam girl, but people that I trust and that are much smarter than me insist that people will want to know this. So, there you have it.

A quick lightning round of other wedding questions: No, I’m not nervous. No, I have no idea what the bachelor party is going to be like. Yes, Kori is having a bachelorette party. Yes, Kori and I are going on a honeymoon, though where and when and for how long is our secret for now.

Finally, I leave you with the best picture of the weekend: Kori denying me the pleasure of registering for an Xbox 360.

(At least I managed to sneak a Beatmania PS2 package on there. Shhhh. I don’t think she heard the scanner beep.)