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Brief history of my academic career – right out of high school, I did what the majority of kids do, and went to college, at The University of Texas. I lived with my cousin off-campus, and was making frequent trips home to Houston to see all my friends, who were either finishing up with senior years in high school, or who had decided to not go to college themselves. Study? Ummmm…. My cousin never did. (This might explain why he was on academic probation at the time, having been dismissed years earlier).

Ya see where this is going? It got worse when I met my now ex-husband in The History of Rock and Roll in my Spring ’96 semester. Go to class? But why? There are so many other more enjoyable things to do….

That letter that said “don’t come back for 5 years” hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh. You’re serious, huh? Well. I suppose one of us should be.

I pretended to go to the local community college for a while (and I mean that, I litterally lied to my parents) but I bascially jumped into the corporate world and stayed there until one day I decided it was time to go back to school.

I can’t say I’ve been properly motivated. In my learning skills class, we had to answer the question, “I’m in college because…” and list five reasons. As usual, I was truthful and blunt. My first one was

“I got really pissed off one day at work, and decided “fuck it, I don’t need this anymore, I have a degree to finish anyway” – so I applied for re-admission, and here I am.”

When I came in last semester and saw how low my GPA was…funny, I didn’t remember having that much fun. I had to get it up to a 2.0 or I was going to get kicked out again, which meant getting all As (HA!) or, the liberal arts college allows you to “work off” your GPA down points, and as long as you make at least a 2.5 each semester, you’re fine. I took math and astronomy to finish up my core requirements, thinking I’d be FINE. I had no grasp on the whole “build up the GPA” concept. I needed an A, B, C, and D. I got an A, C, C, D. And the boot again.

I wrote a very emotional appeal letter. John, being the writer, cleaned it up and made it much more professional and rational. I sent it off before I left for Hawaii and tried not to think about it. But as soon as I got back, the first thing I did was log on and check my e-mail.

this is your FINAL opportunity– there will be no consideration of any further appeals.

I have been living on borrowed time…I’ve never felt like a “real” student. I’ve resisted buying t-shirts and sweatshirts even, knowing that there was a very real posibility that they would stand as reminders of my screwing up yet again. I’ve watched myself improve from last semester, yet still fail to do things that would make me succeed, and I’ve been so upset with myself for it. I booked Vegas knowing it was either going to be a big reward for myself, or the perfect place to drown my sorrows.

as long as you make a 2.5 on at least 12 hours in the Spring, you will be automatically continued for future semesters.


Who wants a t-shirt? 😀