Never doubt the power of The Hammer

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Like I have to tell you people that…

I’ve been working on clearing a bonus at PokerWorld, a new site. Well, not really working on it really. Since the site is new, games are hard to come by. So when I do play there, it’s got to be way above my bankroll, at the .50/$1 level. But I’ve got the clear that damn bonus, and I hate having money just sitting there. So today, I play. And the only NL table open is a $1/$2. Sooo…gulp. I go.

I do OK. Buyin with all I’ve got, $60, and have it up to $83 fast. Then I get The Hammer in the SB. No sense raising here, this site is a fish fest folks. Flop comes 7 A 10. OK. I have a pair…but I know someone has an Ace. I call the bet…even though I know I shouldn’t. I get smart and stop myself on the turn and fold. But I say “watch a 2 come on the river”. And sure enough… Pair of Aces takes a damn nice pot that should have been mine dammit!!!

Next hand, I get pocket 8s and continue calling, hell, I even raise on the turn despite there being oooohhhh…4 overcards on the board. Bust out. I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS. Even as I did it…I knew better. Internally, I was thinking “Why am I doing this?” I mean…yes, I’d prefer to play at UB, but still…damn woman, you have to have money to get your bonus dollars out of this site. Jeez.

So, in the past few days, I’ve bascially thrown away $100 bucks. Now I know to some of you that ain’t much, but to an unemployed college student who is leaving her husband…well…that’s a big deal. Stupid stupid stupid April.