NBC Heads Up Predictions

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Every year I make off the cuff predictions about the NBC brackets and every year I’m way off, so let’s see what happens here. Due to my current employment I was biased on this one, but I think it’s funny.

You can see the complete brackets here, thanks to Pokerwire!

Clubs bracket (Winners) seperated by rounds:

Elizabeth, Madsen, Lindgren, Greenstein, Seidel, Tranielloo, Seed, Reese
Madsen, Greenstein, Seidel, Reese
Greenstein, Reese


Esfandiari, Cloutier, Hachem, Wasicka, Sheikhan, Forrest, Shulman, Le
Esfandiari, Wasicka, Forrest, Shulman
Wasicka, Shulman

Hearts (The Death Row Bracket)

Cunningham, Bloch, Negreanu, Mizrachi, Smith, Tran, Tilly, Gordon
Bloch, Negreanu, Smith, Gordon
Bloch, Gordon

(This is the part where I go to hell for having to pick between Andy and Phil. I’ve heard that both of them are wearing the cowboy hat from Andy’s WSOP Horse final table, and since Phil is easily going to be the sillier of the two by doing so, I give it to Phil. The poker gods smile on his look and compensate for the lack of dignity by having him spike his flush draw every time Chip Reese style. Of course, I’ve just admitted I predict Phil’s going to get in behind every single time, so I’m just going to shut up now.)

Diamonds Bracket:

Gazes, Mercier, Ivey, Ferguson, Lederer, D’Agostino, Kaplan, Brown
Mercier, Ferguson, Lederer, Brown
Ferguson, Brown

Semi Finals: Greenstein def. Shulman, Gordon def. Brown

Phil Gordon wins, and uses his prize to throw a huge bash. 😉

Anyone else have their picks ready?