My Dearest H,

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You know I love you. In a short span of time, you and Gracie have become two of my best girlfriends, which is wonderful but yet also sad given the distance between us. This means I still have to rely on my gay male friends to go shopping with, and have no one to go with me to the latest guy movie. But I digress.

While I do of course love you, I think we have a little problem. I realize things have been a little unbalanced for a while. While you had comments from a one Mr. MATT MATROS, I have e-mails. Then however, came this. I can’t really fault you for that though. It’s long been known that the Full Tilt software is out to get me, so of course it’s no surprise that it would put you right next to the glorious PG. But at least then I got text messages and a phone call. Where I was that kept me from getting them; I have no idea. At least you tried.

But last night, something apparently went awry. Please understand that I live in the “party apartments” of Austin. The mere act of walking the dog leads to invites to party-hop from building to building in a drunken haze. It’s a lot of fun, but of course means I am not always near my computer. (Not to mention soooo bad for my Anthropology grade…)

Where was my phone call last night? Where were the text messages?? Granted, I likely would not have heard them, but still – effort!! No, no, you were more than happy to sit there, knowing I would be upset if I missed out – and I got nothing. Thankfully I had Scott to alert me once I got back to my computer, and I ushered everyone out of my apartment so I could be a complete and total fan girl dork.

Like any good friend, I can of course forgive you. This time. Let’s please work to make sure no similar events occur in the future.


I was asked last night why April and I are the WPBT Twins. It was assumed that it was simply because we have the same first name. It is, however, more than that. I mean, if it was just having the same name in common, we’d have the WPBT Quints, with all the Scotts we have running around.

No, it’s because when Iggy pimped her blog, he pointed me to it for a very simple reason. Yes, we had the same name, but her most recent post at the time was this one, and as anyone who has moused over Wil’s link on my site knows, she wasn’t the only one with a crush. There the twins were born. Of course later we discovered our other shared crush, which just further solidified things.

So there ya have it. Even if another April appeared on the blogging scene, she couldn’t make us triplets unless she shared the same things in common. At best, she’d be a very loved half-sister.


While I really really don’t have the time, I do love coming home to the invite of quality time with my blogging friends. I will likely have to decline said invites more and more, as this semester is starting to kick my ass. However, they’ve been pretty much the only poker I’ve played in weeks, and are the only thing keeping the Stars bankroll alive. We even have a Stars Stalker, who seeks out the table with the largest average pot, and lo and behold – it’s always us. Always a very good time – last night I even got Quads Beeches!! I do however want to know why Iggy can say cock and I can’t. Is there a special setting somewhere??


P.S. If you didn’t realize that the above letter to H was in teasing love, you should really lighten the fuck up. 🙂