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It’s 10pm…I should be seriously multitasking – doing laundry, packing, studying, whipping up a little something for the boys…but no. Instead I am sitting on my couch with a box of tissues right by my side, lacking the energy and strength to move more than my fingertips on the keyboard. Something about Vegas I guess. I started feeling sick last week and ended up with a lovely little cold, but started feeling much better over the weekend. But then Sunday…the voice started to falter. And it has steadily gotten worse until now I have no voice at all. This will make my trip interesting. I’m not sure how much respect a “I raise” gets when it’s said in a whisper. Now a couple of days ago when I had the Jennifer Tilly-like huskiness going on…that should have made people think twice.

I started summer school on Monday…I kinda think walking across campus multiple times in nearly 100 degree heat might be at least partly responsible for my recent health setback. To make matters worse, my iPod is sick too. I have to walk in the heat, laptop on my back, with no music to listen to. And yes, as a matter of fact, it is an uphill walk. Both ways.

Conversation with a friend tonight at dinner –
Friend: “I love how your nail polish is the same red as the red on cards.”
Me: “I love how you know me well enough to know that that thought did cross my mind when I was picking it out.”

Tomorrow I leave for another week in Vegas. It’ll be a different experience this time, and I’m looking forward to it. It is going to be a little weird though, walking into a poker room and not already knowing half the players. It will feel a little strange to look up from a table and not see a familiar face walking around the corner, or sitting a few tables or seats away. Marty and Chilly won’t be surprising me at the MGM this time. (Well, if they do…I’ll be damn surprised). I’m not going to be able to walk into the Rio without thinking about my first day there, and all the fun we had. I’m not going to be able to step foot downtown without thinking about…well, everything. In short, I’m gonna miss you guys! But I am totally going without you anyway.

And so is my laptop. And my camera. And while I am no flipchip, by any means, I have been ordered to snap away as much as possible during the final table. And to my sister bloggers…don’t think I won’t be keeping you in mind. 🙂

My fortune from dinner last night…I like it!

Now to see if I can find some energy for a little multi-tasking, and make myself another cup of tea, as per Doctor’s orders. See ya from Vegas.