Must See TV

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Did I mention I booked my flight to Vegas? I did? Huh. You might say I’m a tad bit excited about the whole thing. Another week in Vegas?? YAAAYYY!! I’ll be heading out as soon as my last class is over – December 8th is the last day of classes for me. I’ll be studying Spanish and writing papers on the plane trip there and back. And don’t be surprised if while there I speak to you in Spanish on occasion – it’s all for the good of education.

I’m such a dork that one of the highlights of my day today was calling the Golden Nugget to verify employment for one of our cases. It’s similar to those rare times I have to call someone in Hawaii – because the cultures are largely based on tourism, everyone is so damn nice, and hearing them instantly transports me there.

If you’re like me and totally in love with Vegas, you might be interested in a PBS documentary next week. (Check your local station for time showing in your area). I know none of you are really as insane as I am – do you pause during the shows Las Vegas and CSI just to take in as much of the strip shots as you can? – but you’d probably still enjoy it. I’d ask Adam to let me watch it at his place, with his swinging bachelor big-screen and surround sound, but I don’t think he’d be able to put up with my excitement. Plus, I have been known to tear up at the sight of the MGM Grand. (Told you I was the craziest).

De todas formas, debo apagado ahora clasificar, donde tengo una asignacion espanola de la escritura en clase. Deseeme la suerte!

Oh, and come back later for a music post. Some good stuff for ya.