Move along folks, nothing to see here…

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Nothing much poker wise the past couple of days. True to my statement in my last post, I have been thowing away money at the blogger table (really…I don’t suck at poker…I just lose all my senses playing with y’all…but it’s all good. :))

I am physically worn out from the first few days of classes. Not sure why exactly I thought I could make it from one end of campus to the other in 10 minutes. Probably would be easier if these damn CHILDREN would MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY. Seriously…it’s a freakin sidewalk…hundreds of people are trying to use it…and two people suddenly pick that exact moment and location to stop and have a chat? What the fuck? MOVE. And then the ones that actually do decide to keep some sort of forward momentum while they have their conversations (which almost always include some sort of description of how much/what they drank the night before…pppfff…please…I laugh at them…children! No way they canhang) are usually moving at a snail’s pace, to say the very least. And my body is sore from carrying this ten-pound beauty on my back the entire time. Can’t even use it to knock people out of the way with, though the thought has crossed my mind on more than one occassion… Oh, and people on the bus? Quit reading my Slansky over my shoulder, dammit! Get your own. Jennifer…are you sure we’re not too old for this??? 🙂

I have to take escalators to get to two of my classes. I hate getting on and off escalators. I’m not as bad as a friend of mine, who has a fear of being on them in general (seriously, while on them together, I have to keep a hand on her back to make her feel good…it’s so cute). But the first day, I thought to myself…wonder how long it’s gonna before I trip on one of these bad boys?

In my learning skills class (shut up, I need the A), we had to do this goals assesment thing. Come up with 20 goals. That was hard. Plus, I hate to admit too much of my poker addiction hobby. So I limited myself to things like “win a poker tournament” and “meet my friends in Vegas in June” instead of “win back the $25 I dropped at the blogger table at Party last night” or “bring my bankroll into the black”. Then for the goals, we had to answer some questions, like how much does it mean to you, and then is this a goal other people want you to do? (Vegas trip? – yes. Will you be disappointed and embarrased if you don’t meet this goal? Yes.)

Also for this class, the teacher wants us everyday to write a “gem” on a notecard and give it to her…just a random something about our lives. Poor woman has no idea what she’s getting herself into. 😉

Beautiful post from Maudie…made me think of all the people that we’ve known in our lives that we’ve maybe let go for whatever reason…and that if it’s not too late, to hopefully try and connect with them again. Like my friend Josh who I met when I was 4, went through every grade with (including one very notable day when I had to literally carry home the entire contents of his very messy desk in third grade) and who was “man of honor” at my wedding. Haven’t spoken to him in years. His parents still live on the street behind mine…and every time I go home to visit I think about stopping by and asking where the hell their son is, but I never do. And then my missing mentor…whom I miss very much, and again, I could pick up the phone, but I don’t. And then I have some phone calls of my own I’ve been avoiding. Guess I should take care of those…