Move Along CJ, Nothing To See Here

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“You know how I know when you’re not feeling well? You drive the speed limit.”

You people are making me ill. As if the sleeplessness wasn’t bad enough –
“Sweetie, you can’t sleep because you’re stressed.” “I’m not stressed…I have nothing to be stressed about! Well…there is that large event in Vegas I’ve been planning…”
the past few days I’ve found myself feeling great until the evenings, where I suddenly come down with a general feeling of ick. I couldn’t figure out why, until the same feeling hit me this afternoon and caused me to leave work early. But once I arrived home, I felt great again. I shortly figured out why.

Because there is no talk of Vegas when I am at home. My adrenaline level doesn’t get a chance to rise high and then come crashing down, causing me to feel all sorts of…out of sorts.

That is, save for the occasional moment when, sitting on the couch watching television with my roommates, I suddenly burst out with “I’m going to Vegas next week!!!”, complete with big dorky grin and hand clapping excitement.

This has only come on in the past few days because as you’ve probably noticed, we’re ALL realizing that we’re going to be in Vegas next week!! And we’re talking about it!! And being the Vegas addict I am, I’m really freaking excited!! Cause it’s Vegas!!!! With (currently) 113 of my closest friends!!!! And how about a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!

What got me super excited today was the successful convincing Scott and I have done to get our coworker and (another) little brother-type Matt to join us. Matt turns 21 this Friday. One week later he’s taking off for Vegas to party with us crazy fools. Can you imagine a better way to not only ring in your 21st year, but to see Vegas for the first time ever? I know I can’t. I did it myself last summer and have gone back 3 times since. That’s 5 trips in one year. Some people call that excessive. I call it just right.

However, when you’re at the library collecting your fine-paying change from the librarian and momentarily think of giving her a tip…well, that might be a sign that you spend too much time in Vegas. Not that I know anyone who has done that.

The only solution I can think of, short of some adrenaline-normalizing drug, is to make the rest of you sick along with me.

If Republicans didn’t do it for ya, how about the pro speaker lineup that Linda has arranged for us? Maybe Howard Lederer or [swoon] Phil Gordon will excite you? Michael Craig will be with us too, so you can hear about the most recent Corporation/Beal games. How about the thought of 100+ bloggers at the MGM on Friday night? All razz-fearing pansies can find solace in the Sportsbook bar, anxiously awaiting the next person to spill a beer on their head. How about a post-tourney Castle Storming? Drunk bowling at the Orleans? Or how about the semi-secret event I have planned but don’t want to say anything about just yet until I hear from their manager that it is written on a certain pro’s calendar? Trust me, it’s cool. (HA! Take that!! I know something you don’t know….)

To continue building the excitement, Falstaff and JoeSpeaker have put some good stuff out recently, and of course, Otis and Pauly only make it worse, what with all the stories and the pretty pictures, and the being in Vegas already (bastards).

I know for most of this these trips aren’t new, and they mean something different for all of us. But we have new people coming out, some of them making their first Vegas trip ever, and I know their excitement will spread like wildfire. I can’t wait to show my favorite place in the world off, or my favorite people.

So keep the excitement coming folks…I can handle the crashing adrenaline, but I’m definately going to have to do something about the driving slow thing…

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