me nombre es trouble

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Sometimes I think I’ve lost the ability to blog. I’ve said this before.

Hell, I didn’t even tweet today.

You know what I should be doing. I should be reading Infinite Jest, to catch up with all the others reading as part of Infinite Summer. I should be booking the band a show somewhere. I should be writing for the Bandize blog. But you know. There’s that “blog” thing again.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. How communication has changed and as a result, are blogs even relevant anymore? I suppose like anything, they’re as relevant as you make them.

Iggy doesn’t uber anymore; he tweets. What has the world come to? How many of us would actually read the whole thing in one sitting if he did? It was hard enough to do years ago before we’d become conditioned to having our life fed to us in bite-sized blurbs.

Instead of blogging about something we’ve found interesting, we now just share it with each other on our Google Reader; adding a brief note as doing so and waiting for comments. There are several of you that I don’t communicate with any other way. Then there’s Tumblr, which I have seriously given thought to making my primary site. Is that the future of blogging? One big “look at this cool shit I found on the internet”? If everyone just reposts everyone else; who’s left to come up with original content?

As much as I embrace this new world and welcome our geek overlords, I’m still figuring out where it all fits in and how. I’ll let ya know if I figure out the answer. In the meantime, there’s always LOLCats.