March 10, 2005

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In my Sociology class, Party Poker guy (he will forever be known to me as that, no matter if I do find out his name) actually decided to play during lecture.


6 max too. I was impressed. He was the blond guy (or thanks to Bill, forever known to me as “guy with ace up his sleeve”) and due to the way PP guy was sitting, I couldn’t see his cards really. I kept wanting to whisper (loudly) “move!” or “whatcha got?” and then of course “fold!” or whatever else course of action I felt was most appropriate. I mean really, who’s the pro here? I do have a blog.

I was rather blown away by his, well…balls for playing in the middle of class though. Even I’ve never done that. Especially in this class, where the professor has a tendency to make these long declarative statements that you have to take down word for word. What do you do then? “Excuse me, can you hang on a minute? I just flopped a full house and I really need to slow play it.”

I confess to playing last semester during the thirty minutes between my Geology class and the discussion group that I had on Fridays. (This was of course when I actually went to the class itself). And yea, I seem to recall an occasion or two where I might have let that playing carry over into the actual discussion section itself. But a full-blown lecture? Wow. I mean, that gets dangerous.

Case in point – in my government class last semester we were watching an incredibly boring film about segregation in California in the 20s or something. (Hell if I know, I wasn’t paying attention!). It was boring, John was playing an SnG on UB…guess which one I picked to watch?

So when there was a question on a quiz later…ooopps. Ah, no biggie. But when that damn movie popped up on a test later? Fuck. Remember, I am a government major. I don’t miss questions. (Well, I do, but I get pissed at myself for doing it). At least I knew the answer when the same question popped up again on the final.

Since I was clearly studying other material, it only seems fair that I get a different question, something NL Hold’Em related. Now that I could answer easily.

Assuming one of the answer choices was D: It depends.