Love/Hate Relationship #34

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Weekend Online Poker

It’s what Tracker and GameTime+ are made for. Seats are going dark so fast you can’t even try to keep up with them on your own. Player stats are switching from green to yellow and back to green with one well-timed suckout. So much money to be made from the fishy players, yet always the fear of being the victim of one of those “any two cards” players.

And all you can think is – “Don’t let it be me.”

In my case it was last night. More than once. I started out at a table that was decent, but I had to leave because the hand histories weren’t working. No good to me there! I do know I had a full house that was quite nice, but then lost my profit from it when I bet my two pair off the flop, putting my opponent all in…he had paired the queen off the flop, which was worthless until those fives hit on the turn and river. I left a dollar up.

Lost buyin at one table…can’t tell you about that because of errors in the hand histories and I guess I’ve blocked out the details. I do recall a successful hammer drop…but that’s about it.

Found a new table that was…interesting. Gave the new UB notes system quite a workout there (lots of reds and oranges, little bit of yellow). The majority of the players were seeing the flops 30-75% of the time. So juicy…yet so dangerous.

Had Queens 4 times…but they’d fall victim to suited baby aces time and time again. Seriously – those of you who insist upon clinging to the idea that these are good hands no matter what (cough *Sir* cough) what’s a girl gotta raise it to so you’ll lay ’em down?? 4xBB, 5xBB…nothing worked. Finally I caught on, and if there was an Ace on the flop or God help me, any two cards of the same suit, I was out of there.

If the Sisters weren’t going to perform, then the Boys were going to have to step up, and boy did they. Twice in a row. The first time, I raise to 6xBB, and get only one caller – the big fish, with the 75% VP$IP, who re-raises to $4.85. I call. Flop comes 4d 7h Js. Seeing no Ace and no two suits, I feel fairly confident here, bet $5, and big fish calls. Turn is Ts, I bet $5 again, he calls again. River is Qs, and that’s made 3, so I check, as does fishy. Fishy shows 6h 7s (fishy loooovvveeesss those connectors, that one went in the notes early on) and I took down a net $13.70. Next hand I’m in the BB, and it’s raised to .50, then fishy raises to $2.10, then there’s an all-in for $3.60, and I call. Flop comes Jh 7h 8s. I bet $5, and they both call. Turn is 7c. I bet another $5, get one folder, and then fishy is all-in for his last 80 cents. River is 8c. Fishy had pocket 6s and the original all-in had pocket 5s. Cowboys win again, and I take in a net $20.45.

At this point of course I have a nice big stack which as we know is very helpful for driving people off their draws and I don’t hesitate to use it to defend a flopped set of nines. From there on out though, it was pretty much just ABC poker. (Except for that time I played 9-3 just for the hell of it and flopped two pair…that was sweet). We tapped the tank a little too much I guess, and fishy swam off. It was fun though. Especially when the guy with the VP$IP of 11.29% tells the guy doing the tapping that it’s just because he’s a weak tight player and he’s scared. [My response – “Trust me. He’s not a tight player.”] I love my Poker Tracker, and my GameTime+. However, I keep clicking on these little things in Tracker and having these “huh” moments. For instance, it appears fishy folded a lot on the river. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of book or manual or something that would help me get the most out of this great piece of software? Oh wait. There is. [That was a not so subtle hint there people…]

So, because of the fishy and the table “banter” (Yankee word, apparently) my little .10/.25 table was more fun than his big $2/$4 table, so after hanging on the rail and participating in the “banter” for a while, John took a seat and tried really hard to take away the title of chip leader from me. And I suppose if you’re going to do it, this would help –


Money Talk raises to $1.25. assani calls.
SineQuoNon folds. TexansBaby folds. djngl1 folds.
KingKongBaby calls. LQQK 2 WIN folds. cryinggame
folds. TheBlix calls.

Flop (board: 5h Jh 3h):

TheBlix checks. Money Talk checks. assani checks.
KingKongBaby bets $2.25. TheBlix calls. Money Talk
goes all-in for $8.75. assani goes all-in for $4.80.
KingKongBaby folds. TheBlix calls.

Turn (board: 5h Jh 3h Th):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 5h Jh 3h Th Ah):

(no action in this round)


Money Talk shows Jd Jc.
Money Talk has 5h Jh 3h Th Ah: flush, ace high.
assani shows 9h 9s.
assani has 9h 5h Jh Th Ah: flush, ace/jack high.
TheBlix shows Kh Qh.
TheBlix has Kh Qh Jh Th Ah: straight flush, ace high.

Everyone say “Congrats”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I only wish I had known about it before hand so I could have gotten a screen shot. And of course, it did lead to the following conversation today with Rookie…

April : he had his first royal last night
Adam : sweet
Adam : first ever
April : yep
Adam : cool i got mine before him
April : lol
April : i kinda thought the same

Hey, when you can only beat your mentor at certain things, you take what you can get. ๐Ÿ™‚