Love/Hate Relationship #1

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Why, you ask?

Think about it.

Think about being a child… Think about how you might get teased on a day like today, if you were me, or my twin.

OK, now quit thinking about it. 😉

Yes, I spent a couple of my elementary school years taking a “personal day” on April 1st, avoiding whatever little hell my classmates might have wanted to inflict. I think it was about 5th grade when I realized that they just might have grown out of it. I spent the day at home as usual, but the next day when I returned to class, I was greeted with “Where were you? You missed the awesome prank so-and-so pulled on the teacher!”. No one mentioned the oh so obvious reason I was absent that day. So that was the end of that.

And then I grew up (or more accurately, became a little more confident and self-absorbed) and realized that this whole “being named after a month” thing might have some advantages. Especially in middle school, when you’re required to write the date on every single piece of paper you turn in. Ah yes…how could he not be thinking of me each and every time he wrote the date? Even if it was just a fleeting thought, I was guaranteed to be on his mind for at least 30 days, multiple times a day – score!

I still get teased occasionally, but mainly it was from my former father-in-law. April H. and I were talking the other night while playing over at Full Tilt and she was surprised that I was not actually born in April. The story for how I got the name varies – if you ask my mother, she’ll tell you my father just liked the name. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that’s the month he and my mother got engaged in, so that was a large part of the reason. Growing up I just remember that on this day I would have much rather they picked something else. Today, walking to my government class listening to the bells of the UT Tower play Christmas carols, I didn’t mind at all. It’s mine, and as it reverts back to its original state; all that more precious.

Now to see if my hunch on who acts like a 4th grader in the comments is correct… 😉