Love advice from the felt

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Part of my reply to an e-mail from a friend who is going through a pretty rough time with a lot of things –

You will not screw up things with S. You didn’t screw up things with J. That was his own issue. Same with what’s his name; the one that you brought over here that night of the debates. I haven’t met him yet, but he certainly sounds like a mature enough guy to be able to see you through anything. And more importantly – you have to take the chance. Yes, you might get hurt. But isn’t it worth it? I hate to apply poker logic to your love life here, but that seems to be how I think these days. Over the long run, the more “hands” (guys) you “play” (umm…we can leave that analogy, yes?) you’ll be more profitable, assuming you play PREMIUM hands. (We try to stick to only the Aces and the other high pocket pairs, but sometimes a trash hand comes along and convinces us that it’s really a good hand to play, and we go along with it – I think drinking is usually involved when this occurs). You’ll take some bad beats along the way (what looks to be a winning hand will end up a complete loser once the last card is dealt), and they’ll really hurt (trust me baby, they hurt a lot in poker too) but once the “game” is over, you’ll end up a winner and better off for having played it. [Does this make you want to play poker yet? I could use another poker blogger in Austin to cushion my edge…]

Always remember I love you and am here for you. No matter what cards life deals you.