Lost Vegas is Waiting

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I often get weird looks from people when I mention that I’m planning my annual trip to Vegas with “100 of my closest friends” or that I’m, oh, headed there mere days after getting back from Hawaii. Little crazy? Maybe. But the allure of Las Vegas and the things it represents to me is not an easy phenomenon to explain. Likely you’ve run in to this problem yourself, trying to relay to your spouse or boss just WHY it’s so important that you be there.

I no longer am going to try to explain. Instead, I will simply refer all those curious to Pauly’s fantastic new book. It’s all there – the good, the bad, the ugly, the crayon-eating. To really “get” it; you have to live it and Pauly certainly has. Lucky for us he has retained some amazing memories and stories and possesses the skill enough to weave them together into a highly entertaining read. I can’t recommend the book enough. I devoured it in just two days.

Even those of you who’ve been reading Tao of Poker for years now will find something new in the book. Hell, I was actually there for some of the things he writes about and had completely forgotten them myself. Thankfully now instead of trying to explain why remembering something like “Clown vs. Cowboy” made me burst out laughing on the beach, I can just hand over the book and say “Read this. Start here.”

Go now and get your copy. You’ll not be disappointed.