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When I answer the phone “Make it fast, Wil Wheaton’s on TV” – I’m not kidding. Make. It. Fast.

I love you people…really, I do. But save the lectures on what I should be doing for another time. Like, after the show is over, OK? 🙂

If anyone missed our favorite celebrity poker blogger in his VH1 “My Coolest Years” appearance…ya gotta catch the re-runs. I think someone has the lineup posted in the comments over in his post about it. It was awesome. [And no, I’m not just saying that…]

And then after, of course, hit the tables, had a rather unsatisfying night…not even worth updating the stats section. Ended up a dollar or so up, plus bonus dollar conversion.

And then tonight, I think I am DONE with math as far as my University career is concerned. Took my final (was not so bad actually), then went out for drinks and dinner. Assuming my friend/classmate/partner in crime Justin didn’t calculate it wrong, I had a D to begin with [not stellar, I know…but hey…I’ll take it] and that counts for credit! So I should be done. Unless, of course, there ends up being some poker-related math course offered down the line…now that I would totally go for.