Long weekend, long post

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Ah, the single life. Where a girl can wake up Saturday morning, flip on the NFL draft, yell at the TV, and then stay out past 3 in the morning playing poker.

Yes, I was late to the damn tournament, as Scott and Slayre oh-so-casually mentioned in their write-ups. 😉 I caught a little bit of the draft and then headed out for lunch with one friend, then furniture shopping with another. Did some shopping on Austin’s infamous South Congress strip after lunch where I picked up some neato poker coasters for myself plus a little something for our WSOP rep. Nothing big, it just screamed “Bob!” so I had to pick it up.

My best friend Nancy: “When are you going to give it to him?”
Me: “Vegas”
Nancy: *impatient sigh*
Me: “What?”
Nancy:”I’m not sure I can wait that long to hear about the reaction.”

Then later we wandered through a toy store where I told her about how the last WPBT winner was from South Carolina (where she’s from) and she joked about how “those people in Greensville are so uppity” and “must do nothing all day but play poker”. I had a laughing fit in the middle of the store… 😀
Later when furniture shopping, I picked myself out a huge loveseat, chair, and coffee table. Then was told I was going to have to pay for it all right then. I looked down at the invoice of all my pretty new furniture…that chair was about the price of air and hotel for a trip to Vegas…I’m not sure if picking a trip to Vegas over a chair really qualifies as a responsible decision, but that’s what I’m calling it.

So you see, I had a full day. I got home around 8:30, changed clothes, and headed over to Bob’s. I paid my $20 tourney fee, and got my chips, having been appropriately blinded out. I was “lucky” enough to be seated with the boss. I really don’t remember any significant hands, because quite frankly, I didn’t have any. I played tight, I know that. Oh, and as far as you boys know, if I bet at the flop, I had a piece of it. 🙂 I honestly don’t even think I had many hands go to showdown. I stuck to the 4xBB raise rule, in fact, when I sat down at the table, I was getting great cards, so I was raising, and raises of that amount were apparently unheard of, but quickly became the standard. I made it to the final table by playing tight, picking my spots carefully, and of course, having that bit of luck that we always need. I had a medium sized stack for the table, which wasn’t bad, except the difference was that the chip leader had a litteral wall of chips in front of him. He had built up a huge stack when he had been last to act with 6s (I think) and had flopped a boat, and Aces and Kings had gone all-in before him. Since then he had been playing his stack and building to it. My run of great cards ended at the final table unfortunately. I don’t even know what I went out on…I’ve slept since then! I was just pleased that I actually made the money, finishing 5th.

I checked out the cash game after, but there was a new tourney starting up right then and most of the cash game players were getting in on that, so the game was pretty much breaking up. Plus, it was .25/.50, which is fine for online, but for live play, I’d really rather play $1/$2. Why? Just because.

I did play the 2nd tourney, figuring worse case I wouldn’t place in this one and be out just $15 for the night. And that was the case! 🙂 I let the boss make the final table this time. This time I was seated with the winner of the last tourney, and I think perhaps I gave him too much credit play wise. Hard to know of course when you don’t get to see the hands play out. I often get too passive in tournaments, and that was the problem in this one. It’s really easy for me to push back on John when I’m playing him heads-up, since I’ve played him so much. Against an unfamilar opponent, I suddenly get timid and fold. That’s part of the reason I’m not a big fan of tournaments, and part of the reason I need to work on them more. 🙂


The tourney

Speaking of being too timid…

Someone didn’t request her hand histories quickly enough apparently, because there are key hands missing from Level 1. Namely, those that cost me lots o’ chips. For a while there, I was really worried about being first one out. I know though, that they were stupid mistakes. I was playing too loose and, dare I say it, too agressive. I got lucky in Level 2 and found AKo, and raised to 90. sellthekids raised to 210 and I re-raised all-in to 410. Flop didn’t help either of us and I won with ace high.

That was really really scary, and pretty much put the fear of God into me. 🙂 I went into tight passive mode, which is of course no way to win a tournament. Especially not when you have BadBlood at your table! I had no big wins other than my one all-in…I would get the occasional pot to stay alive, but my death was getting moved to my final table with BadBlood, Spaceman, ephro, Drizztdj, and BSN, where the agression level was high, and I just couldn’t fight back. Shame on me.

And of course, you meet the nicest people at these tournaments…add another one to the Austin column!

Thanks to Iggy and Otis for putting it all together, and Congrats of course to Bob for winning it all! I know he will represent us well.

Later that night…

An unusual name was showing up in bold on my Ultimate Buddy…I had to do a double-take to make sure I was reading it right, but yep, sure enough, CJ was seated at a .25/.50 NL table with G-Rob. I could never pass up quality time with the Up for Poker Boys. Besides, I do well with G-Rob at .25/.50…

Although he will pay for this –

spanky123 is at seat 2 with $32.85.
TexansBaby is at seat 6 with $47.30.
sbplayer4 is at seat 8 with $14.05.
GRob is at seat 9 with $167.05. [look at that stack, folks!! the man is on a rush!!]

sbplayer4 posts the small blind of $.25.
GRob posts the big blind of $.50.

spanky123: — —
TexansBaby: 8d 8h
sbplayer4: — —
GRob: — —


spanky123 calls. TexansBaby raises to $2. sbplayer4
folds. GRob re-raises to $6.75. spanky123 folds.
TexansBaby calls.

Flop (board: 5c Jh Qs):

GRob bets $14.25. TexansBaby folds. GRob is
returned $14.25 (uncalled).

GRob opts to show 7s 2s.
GRob has 7s 2s 5c Jh Qs: queen high.

Hand #5587359-672 Summary:

$.70 is raked from a pot of $14.25.
GRob wins $13.55.

I of course called him a bastard, and told him if he was going to do that, he could at least do it with a proper hammer!! 😉

I saw Aces for the first time in nearly a month. I am not kidding. Unfortunately it was shorthanded and it was the one time these two loose agressive types decided to not call my raise. 🙁

While according to PT I am still a losing player at .25/.50, I think I might give some thought to a move up. Or at least let G-Rob take over game selection for me… 🙂 I seem to do well at this level lately. I don’t know if it’s that I’ve been getting bored at .10/.25 and therefore playing too marginally/carelessly (I’ve dropped buyins like they were nothing) or that I just have been subconsciously feeling that I needed to take a step up, challenge myself, etc. If I’m dropping buyins so easily without even flinching…that can’t be good. On the one hand, I don’t want to play at a level where dropping a buyin would cripple me, but I do want to be at a level where it’s going to mean something. So perhaps a move is in order.