Liveblogging the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

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1:40pm: It’s a blogger tourney, I’m at a bar, there’s wifi… this seems like the thing to do. 🙂

Texans are playing… okay today and are currently down by 4 going in to the half. We’ve got a good crowd out for the game today and everyone’s pumped. I’ve been drinking water all morning so as not to interfere too much with new medication but have just ordered my first beer.

Have just registered for the tourney, thanks to help from Otis. WHO ROCKS.

1:52pm: Watching football, talking, and typing proving to be harder than expected. Who knew?

2:00pm: Jacksonville scores. Bah.

2:20pm: God Bless Kris Brown. Without him the Texans would never score. We’re now down a touchdown.

As for the poker, I’ve played two hands – pocket 2s and pocket 3s. They’ve both gone about as well as you’d expect.

2:31pm: Hey I just won a hand! K7 in late position rivers a set.

2:34pm: Jacksonville just had an obvious delay of game that went uncalled, then scored a touchdown on the next play. I’m not sure how much they paid for these officials but man did they get their moneys worth.

2:44pm: Schaub sacked, fumbles, Jacksonville picks it up and runs it in for a touchdown. The only saving grace is that the Titans don’t seem to be doing much better. Thankfully, I still have baseball. But… I’m rooting for the Diamondbacks.

2:58pm: Jacksonville scores again. I did not drink enough for this.

3:00pm: Closing tab and taking advantage of break in tourney to head home. Game still going on but I’m not going to miss much.

3:20pm: Home down just a few thousand in chips… get dealt a suited hammer my first hand back.

3:30pm: My blogger duty is complete. In the small blind with the hammer, it’s raised to 3xBB and I push allin with 7500 and take the pot.

3:37pm: Was about to have to apologize to surflexus for my A9 vs AK suckout, but we ended making a straight off the board and splitting.

3:42pm: I’m out. Pushed in late position with KQ and knew it wasn’t going to end well once I got two callers. Board was no help, lost to AK. Finished 649.

I wish good luck to my fellow bloggers still in and give a big thanks to Poker Stars and Otis for again putting on another great tourney!!