Live Blogging the Austin Blogger Tourney

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I had a request to live blog the action today, and I am happy to oblige. I’m no Pauly though, so we’ll see how this goes. 🙂

1:22pm – We’re running late, as the tourney was supposed to start at 1. It’s raining in Austin, and traffic of course sucks. Heather and Eva and I were late because I slept in and then had to run and pick up the birthday cake for Heather and Mourn. Everyone appears to be here now though, so Adam is collecting buy-ins and assigning seats.

1:28pm – Cards are in the air. We’re starting with 10/20 blinds, 40 min levels. I’m at table 3, Seat 2. Heather is on my right, with Gus to her right. Next to him is Reader Mike. Eva is one to my left. Ryan is at table two, so we all get a pass from him for a little bit.

1:32pm – Just noticed that Seth (Scurvydog) is on Eva’s left. He’s a quiet one.

1:36pm –
Big hand involving Gus, Eva, and Heather. Eva raised pre-flop, and they both called. Flop was 9h 4c 6d. Eva bet 200, Heather raised to 800. Eva thought for a while and then folded. Gus raised all-in and Heather called. She showed pocket 4s and Gus showed pocket 9s. Turn was 2c and river was 2d. Gus had her covered, so the Princess is our first one out. (Eva showed pocket 8s)

1:47pm – Dem’s Quads Bitches!! Quad tens for Gus. So glad I folded my 7s. 🙂

1:56pm – w00t! I win a pot. JTd from UTG (we’re 7-handed) and see a Kd, Tc, Xd flop. I bet it out and everyone folds. Yay me.

2:07pm – Something big just happened at table 1. I’ll find out the details.
Scott crippled Mourn in a river suckout. Scott had with 52 and Mourn had 42. Flop was 224, raise and re-raise to see a turn of 7. Mourn all-in, and Scott called. River comes a 5. Mourn is out on the next hand. Not a good day for our birthday bloggers.

2:36pm – Scott is clearly at the more fun table. He and Lindsey (co-worker) just played a hand blind, with raises and re-raises. Scott sucked out on the river to hit a boat. CJ may not have made it out, but his spirit is definately here.

3:14pm – Just got off a break, blinds are now 25/50. It’s as if everyone is serious about poker or something – only a few bustouts.

3:17pm – Ryan has been moved to table one, with Adam, Scott, Carl, Alan and Lindsey. It’s the most lively table, and Ryan should enjoy it if he can avoid Scott’s suckout power.

3:26pm – Adam’s house is totally rigged. We just had quads at table one and then at table two one right after the other.

3:27pm – Lindsey is out. AQ vs QJ on a QQ3 board. Beware of trips!

3:31pm – Lucky me, I’ve been moved to the TV table. I’ve got Scott and Adam on my right, and Alan and Ryan on my left.

3:36pm – Very short move there. We’re down to two tables, and we have re-drawn seats. I now have Ryan on my right (whew) and Alan on my left. Scott is in seat one, Gus is in seat two, and Reader Mike is in seat 8.

3:56pm – Scott goes all-in with pocket 4s and Gus calls him after looking at his cards and commenting “Back to the Future was on today”. Gus has 8s and hits a set on the flop for good measure. Scott had a bounty on his head of tickets to this year’s ACL fest. Kat couldn’t make the tourney, but she wins anyway!! Gus said it’s hard for him today, since he has to actually play and not count on Kat to be here to win.

4:03pm – Eva is short-stacked and pushes all-in pre-flop. Ryan pushes all-in and everyone folds. Eva shows Kings to Ryan’s Aces. No King on the board and Ryan sends her to the rail.

4:11pm – Last woman standing? Me. But not for long. M below 5 and not having seen many playable hands, I find KJ in the SB. Gus raises to 300 (blinds 50/100) and I come over the top all-in. Gus has pocket 6s and I lose the race.

4:31pm – Last Five Bloggers I Took A Smoke Break With:

5:00pm – Those of us with wristbands (Gus, me, Heather, and Eva) and badges (Ryan) are getting a little antsy over the late hour. Gus keeps getting texted about the bands he’s missing, and we’re getting close to my “really-need-to-go-now” moment. Blinds are now 75/150, and we’re down to 12 players. Adam is the short-stack and has doubled-up his last three attempts. Gus has a nice pyramid of chips in front of him, and Ryan is on his left with a very healthy stack his own. Scott’s taking pictures and will have them on his site later tonight.

5:07pm – Alan just survived an all-in. He pushed with K6 and was called by Willie, with AJ diamonds. AJ was not gold this time, but that’s OK because Willie isn’t a blogger. 🙂

5:08pm – Alan doubled up again with Q4 vs 9s when he hit a queen on the flop.

5:11pm – Alan is out, 64 vs. 33. Flop gave him a straight draw but runner-runner kings were no help. Flop gave Willie a set. We’re now down to 11 players.

Ryan has a little over 4k in chips, Gus’s count is hard to come by since his chips are stacked in a complex pyramid, but I do believe he is the chip leader. Next biggest stack is a non-blogger, with a little over 5k.

5:14pm – Scratch that. Gus went all-in on the river with 87, which was good for the 8-high straight. Ryan called with 89, which gave him the higher straight. Ryan now has over 9k in chips and is our chip leader.

5:22pm – Adam has doubled-up his last few all-ins. Seth moved all in with AJ and Adam called him with 77. Adam hits a set on a Q7J flop, and no more help for Seth. He started his all-in moves with 150 in chips and now has 2700.

5:24pm – Man, as much as I love Ryan, there is no way in hell we’ll ever live it down if he wins…

5:28pm – We have to quit knocking out our own! Slayre just took out Gus, 2s vs. QT, when he hit a Q on the river. We’re now down to 9 players are are combining to the final table.

Final table chip counts –
Bloggers in bold

Ryan – 9500
Johnny – 4500
Slayre – 3000
Willie – 2500
Carl – 3700
Rick – 2500
Bill – 3200
Steve – 4750
Adam – 2350

Top 5 places pay, as follows

1st – $504
2nd – $300
3rd – $180
4th – $120
5th – $96

5:43pm – Adam just doubled-up with pocket 9s vs Johnny’s AQ. Adam flopped a set, and Johnny had two pair by the river.

5:47pm – Johnny is out, and Gus is headed out for SXSW, noting that since Ryan took most of Gus’ stack, who took out me and Heather, and took out Eva himself; Ryan is “like the head vampire blogger. He has all of our life force.”

5:57pm – Alan is taking over blogging duties while I run outside for a break with Scott and Mourn.

5:59pm – 722 just hit the board. Willie bet into it and Slayer called. Betting went to the river and Slayer took the hand with pocket sevens.

6:01p – Adam is all-in for 2900. He bought the blinds with AQo.

6:03p – Willie pushed on the button after a 3xBB raise. He doubled up with 66 vs KQs.

6:06p – Slayer raises all in with K38 on flop. Rick calls with KJ. Slayer wins with KQ. Rick is out.

6:09p – KQ split the last hand before break. 9 minutes untill the game resumes.

6:10p – Commercials during break are an American tradition and I don’t want to be called un-American so I would like to take this opportunity to exploit my status as guest blogger to promote my own poker blog The Silent Four. There are still three days of Vegas updates to come so keep an eye out for some riviting reading. It’s like the Superbowl half-time show! Only not as great!

6:20p – Players are back from break and the cards are in the air.

6:22p – I am transferring the reigns back to April. Take it away, April!

6:31p – Things are fairly quiet right now. I’ve been updating my plan of action for this evening. It looks like I’ll miss Dressy Bessy, who goes on at 7:30, but hopefully can get down for Grady at 9, Snowden at 9:45, Okkervil River at 12:15, and Elliott Brood at 1. Eva is napping on the couch and Mourn and Heather are watching basketball on Adam’s big screen. I’ll try and get an updated chip count for ya – I do know Slayre is in 1st and Ryan is 2nd.

6:40p – Adam moves all-in for 2275 and wins the blinds and antes.

Updated Chip Counts:

Willie – 3850
Carl – 4925
Bill – 5000
Steve – 4400
Adam – 3500
Ryan – 7000
Slayre – 8600

Blinds are now 100/200 with a $25 ante. We have 16 minutes remaining in this level.

6:52p – Carl moves all in and is called by Bill. Carl shows Kings and Bill has Aces. Carl is out in 7th place and we are now on the bubble.

6:54p – Players have agreed to a $50 save for 6th place.

6:59p – Heather has taken over dealing, so things should be speeding up here. We are now at 200/400/25.

7:01pm – The Blogger Vampire strikes again, knocking Adam out with the Hilton Sisters when Adam pushed with A2o and failed to catch an Ace.

7:05p – Willie moves all in for 2150 and Steve pushes all-in with his bigger stack. Willie shows ATs and Steve has queens. The Hilton Sisters go down this time, and Willie doubles-up. Ryan announces he folded the hammer. We’ll see if that affects his standing with the poker Gods.

Chip leaders are Bill with 12K and Slayre with 7K.

7:15p – Man, I don’t know how Pauly does it. Things are so boring now Adam is actually cleaning the house.

7:16p – Steve moves all in for 1175 on top of a 1000 raise from Bill. Bill calls the all-in and shows KQo to Steve’s AT. Steve wins with Ace high.

7:19p – Ryan tried a raise with the hammer, but Bill re-raised and he folded. Bill showed queens.

7:20p – Ryan is out in 5th place when his 6s ran into kings.

7:35p – We’re taking off for SXSW now that Ryan is done. I’m turning the update duties over to Scott now. Still down to 4 players.

7:40p I have popped 2 more speed pills this should be fun!

7:45p only one more blogger left. John Slayre Vowell is left to tow the line. oh yeah got to self pimp…

7:56p players on break low stack is around 3500 and looking to get it all in with anything. ave is 9000 now and we are colorng up a bit to get the littles ones off.

8:05p last blogger out so who cares from here on. way to go John!