Limit Lessons

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Guess what I did last night? I played poker!!

It’s only been forever. I spent my weekend in Houston visiting my parents and when I arrived home, the cat was seriously wanting some quality time, so despite all the things I need to do before tomorrow night, I decided I would indulge her by sitting on the couch next to her, and hey, she wouldn’t mind if I had the laptop too…

I played $1/$2 at UB. It took me a while to adjust…I was this close to asking DoubleAs why the .50/$1 blind structure. I was unfamilar with the .50 blind. Remember, my prior limit experience has been in Colorado, home of the single blind. Then it hit me – Colorado is just weird.

I won my first hand. I had Qd4d in the BB, and the flop was 9h Qh 7h. I bet $1 (DUH!), and got 2 callers. Turn was a 6s. I bet (guess how much….) $2 and got one caller. River was a 3s. I bet again, he calls.

He had 9d Ac. $15 pot mine.

At which point, I’m thinking “I won that with Q4? This limit stuff rocks!”

Overall, I played for about 30 minutes and made a whopping….(are you ready?)…..$4. And then I went back and lost $20. (Hank’s gonna convert that into those bb things that I don’t fully understand and tell me that that’s not so bad for a $1/$2 game or something like that).

My main wins in limit came when I was 100% full of shit. My most winning hand? Jh Qh, I raise pre-flop to $2 (is this bad to do? I thought I read somewhere that if you had pretty cards, to always raise with them). Flop came 5s 2s 6h. I bet, get 2 callers. Turn comes 5c. I bet, get one caller. River is 6d (hellloooo boat) and bet again. He folds. I was told my Queen high was probably good there. This game confuses me.

I then went to play NL to try and recoup my limit losses lessons for the evening, but that didn’t go so well either. Nothing bad, just didn’t get cards. My losses there were just blinds and then loss of a raise with AK when I was re-raised an obscene amount by a guy holding jacks, who was called by the guy holding eights, who flopped his set and made a boat on the river just to dig the knife in. Jack guy whined. He so deserved it. Re-raising to $7 at a .25/.50 with jacks??? You know, that standard 4xBB raise is there for a reason…next time it won’t be AK I’m raising with.

My only win for the night was playing DoubleAs heads up. Not that I’m gloating or anything. πŸ˜€