Like A Virgin

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I have a confession to make. I’ve been a bad bad poker blogger.

Oh, I’ve done it in tournaments. But it took a while to get the nerve. And I never showed. It was just my little secret. My little, “ha ha, if you only knew what I got away with there…”

But I never did it in ring games. I mean hell! That was MONEY. And the simple fact was, no matter what the raise, it was likely that someone was gonna CALL. And then what? I’m not a great bluffer…

Recently though, I guess either from increased confidence, or increased bankroll (or the increased confidence that comes from increased bankroll), I made my first raise with The Hammer in a ring game. And won. But I didn’t show. I was going to at the last minute, but didn’t get to the button in time. I could feel your collective disappointment…

But then Sunday night…my first time.


Rafe calls. tooltyme calls. Lotsa Luck folds.
TexansBaby raises to $2.75. B Stabone folds.
BartmanCurse folds. yecul folds. rhbromme folds.
Sabrenut folds. scarymonsters folds. Rafe folds.
tooltyme folds. TexansBaby is returned $2.25

TexansBaby opts to show 2d 7h.

Hand #3912383-3746 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
TexansBaby wins $2.25.

In the chat afterwards, someone said to me, “That works some of the time.” My response was “I’m required to do that.” He replied, “I thought you were doing that to get action later on.” I said “No, not really.” 😉

However, the Poker Gods were being fickle that evening as I proceeded to be up not only at my usual .25/.50 table, but also at the .01/.02 table (was playing with my Rookie buddy…John and I gave him $6 at UB for Christmas) and then proceeded to lose my buyins at both tables. That’s right…I managed to bust out at a penny table!! I mean…ouch. What makes it even worse is that I had just been reading in Zen and the Art of Poker about how to know when it’s just not going to be your night…and how to just walk away. So when I had lost half my buyin…I should have stopped right there. And the thought occured to me. But I didn’t…knew I was playing a solid game, knew I was good enough, etc…but again, as the book says…sometimes that’s not enough. You can’t control the cards, you can’t control the game – just your reaction to it. You have to be able to recognize when things just aren’t going to go your way. I think I need to beat myself over the head with that concept. But, I’ve always been a little hard-headed. OK, maybe more than a little.