Let’s Gamble

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After months of being away from poker, I’m getting back in. I finally have the time I want to devote to the game, and that’s the most important thing. I’ve played well in a few tournaments, started multi-tabling, getting comfortable again, and I think I’m where I need to be.

Last night, I sat down at 50NL and left with 249 bucks in an hour. I stacked a guy with two buy-ins after he fired three barrels at me while I had two draws and a live ace to chase. The ace got there, the board was scary, but he didn’t leave himself enough chips to push me off it on the river after the pot was huge. He typed “OMG” into chat four times after I dragged the pot before feebly following with “nh.”

Normally I wouldn’t make a play like that, but his notes screamed LAG that bet anything that moved. Following my read and being right tends to make me feel a lot better about finding my place in the poker world again.

Hopefully, that means blogging more than the occasional “Hey, remember me? I’m not dead!” post. We’ll see how things go over the coming weeks. For now, I’m not taking many chances with money. I started with twenty bucks and it’s a whole lot more right now. I’ll be happy to fish in 50NL for awhile.