Leaving Las Vegas

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Teary as usual. I wanna stay…

Spent last night at the Mirage briefly, hanging out in the bar with Otis, Pauly, Grubby, Mike, Joseph, and Eric. Then Joseph, Mike, his friend, Eric, and I headed over to the Bellagio to play some poker. Reader Jim joined us shortly after we arrived. It was an interesting evening. My first hand I saw Kings, then the next Queens. I was thinking that my luck was turning, until my Aces were cracked by a guy who was all in, made his straight and didn’t even realize it. Oh how I wish he had just mucked… πŸ™‚

Towards the end of the night the floor man came over and asked if he could speak to me. I said of course, and he told me that I had a phone call from a woman who didn’t know my name but had described my outfit, etc. He said it was up to me if I wanted to take the call, he was happy to say that he couldn’t find me. Ever the curious cat, I took it. It was from a woman who had played with us earlier; she was the same woman who I had played with the night before. When I sat at the table she had another huge stack in front of her, but when she left, she was down to less than one rack. Our table had gotten a little agressive, playing more like a NL game than $4/$8, so I attributed it to that. She felt that two of the more agressive players were colluding though, and was calling to warn me. I thought it was…nice of her, if not a little odd. I told the floorman, and we were leaving for breakfast soon anyway, so I’m not really sure what the end result of that was.

Had breakfast with Eric and Jim, the first breakfast I’d had in a week (might be because I’ve been up all night and sleeping all day…). Then Jim gave me a ride to the hotel and I hit the sack around 6:30, to catch a few hours of sleep before check-out time.

Once I checked out, I needed a place to hang before my flight. MGM Grand sounded good. πŸ™‚ This time however, I wasn’t planning on playing poker.

During the WPBT June trip, I got a taste of playing the ponies with BG. I enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ I had asked him before I left for dinner last night to give me a pick on a race, and he suggested the 8 race at Belmont Park. Horse #5, Willy O’ The Valley. Named after Wil, he said. πŸ˜‰ (He knows my picking style well). I hit the MGM Sportsbook with $20 (my self-imposed limit for the day) and placed a $5 bet on #5 to WPS. He came in 2nd, and I won $8. Armed with my racing forum, I sat down to pick a few more. Sadly though, there were no cool names for me to use in my selection. There was an upcoming race that featured a horse named “Adios Mr. Perry”, and I would have liked to bet on him, not being a big fan of our current governor. (The “Adios” part made it even more appropriate). There was another horse that I have a strong suspicion was named in honor of David Carr, so of course that seemed like a great bet, but unfortunately the race had passed.

I needed a new strategy. If I couldn’t pick a horse on name alone, I guess I was going to have to look at their past performances. Novel idea, huh? πŸ˜‰ I moved on to the 3rd race at Emerald Downs, going with “Raise the Bluff”. I thought it was an appropriate choice, plus he had done well his last few times out. Another $5 WPS bet, and he came in first, netting me a whopping $1. While waiting for the races I had bets on to go off, I “picked” horses in other races but didn’t bet them, and they ended up placing as well. Well shit. At least I was on a roll at something. I then moved on to the last race at Calder, picking the #5 horse again (“Mystical Time”). He came in 4th.

Hollywood Park was just getting started, so I took at look at the 4th race and selected the #7 horse, “Fresh Squeezed”. I don’t even like orange juice… With 6/5 odds, my $5 WPS bet paid out $12.50 when he came in 3rd. The most heartbreaking race was the 9 at Arlington Park. I decided to take a chance here and bet $5 on the #1 horse “Income” to win. In a photo finish, it was determined that he came in 2nd. (D’oh!) Back to Emerald Downs and the 4th race – this time I took the #6 horse “Galley Bay”. He came in first place and paid out $6. The next race I had a dilema. I liked both the #3 (“Way Ahead of You”) and #5 (“Gold Rush Banker”) horses. I decided to mix it up a bit, and (after confirming with my neighbor that I did indeed want to “box” my exacta bet) I picked them both to place 1st or 2nd. Gold Rush Banker came in 1st, Way Ahead of You did not live up to his name and finished in 4th. (So close…) I again found myself liking two horses in the next race at Emerald. I boxed the exacta again for the #1 horse “Miz Mitzie” and the #5 “Zairsaplan”. Another disappointment as the #1 horse finished first, but #5 threw her head at the start and could never make up the lost time. My final race at Emerald I picked the #6 horse, “Papas Pistol”. I noticed that the jockey was the same as the one for “Zairsaplan”…I hoped things went better this time. They did, with Papas Pistol finishing 3rd, paying me $2.40 on my $2 bet. (I could sooo get rich with this…)

I took the #2 horse, “Chuzz” in the 6th at Hollywood. He wasn’t a favorite, with 13/1 odds, but I liked what he had done recently. He got off nicely from the start, but then lost momentum and finished 5th. My last race was the #8 at Hollywood, and I took the #4 horse “Ninety Fine”. He came in 2nd and won me $4.80 on my $3 bet.

Overall I ended up $16 down, including tips. Not a bad price for a few hours entertainment, and hopefully BG is impressed that I actually looked at more than the names this time.

Arrived at the airport a while ago, to find that a) the AC was out in the entire airport and b) my flight was delayed. Thank God they offer free wifi at least… I should be taking off shortly and hopefully all the storms in Austin will be gone by then. My flight here was rough enough, I’d like something smooth this time.

I had a great time this week as usual. It was great to hang out with everyone, and my poker time was fun, even if not profitable. Wish I could stay…