Leaving Las Vegas

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This, I guess, is the hardest part. The last few hours before it’s all over, when the friends you’ve made into your family for the past month start saying goodbye, heading off to their real families, leaving you behind to count the hours until you can do the same.

I’m certainly ready to follow. Colorado is calling my name, so I’ll make a quick stop there first, then head back to Austin where I’ll try to relearn all the Spanish I forgot this summer before my final year of college begins at the end of August.

I have mixed emotions about leaving. For every good memory I have, I’ve got at least one bad one to go with it. I’m ready to be home, or at least to a place that feels like it, but I am going to miss the city. I will not, however, miss dumb drunk girls or tourists who stop to gawk at the cheesy Rio show in the sky.

I think once I get some distance between myself and the WSOP, the memories of the good times will move to the front, and push all the negative stuff away. It’ll probably also help to write about them, which I’ll do once my mind has had a chance to clear and my emotions are in check.

For now, some thanks. To Dan, for giving me the opportunity to be here in the first place, and to Scott, for granting me a leave of absence that allowed me to actually do it. To Spaceman, for keeping me sane on more than one occasion and always being happy that I was here. To Michael Craig, for bringing me Full Tilt M&Ms shortly after midnight, now that Harrah’s has apparently decided we no longer deserve things like water or coffee, much less food (twice!! twice!! the man is a saint. go read his blog and give him links). To Wil, Otis, CJ, and Pauly, for laughter and late-night hijinks. To Ryan, for being a shopping enabler and for a Top Five Meal. To Jennifer, for taking fantastic pictures. To Mad, for late-night smoking sessions and drunk girl chat that caused me to speak with a weird Texas/English accent for hours after.

While I was out, the blog had a birthday, turning two years old. There’s been some changes to it recently, namely the very welcome addition of a co-author. It’s been a less personal spot for a while, simply because the creative well has run a bit dry. And now, it’s getting (good) attention, and because of that I’ll be writing more on the Livejournal site I recently set up. Poker stuff will still be here – despite it’s title, this has always been a poker blog. But the more personal stuff needs to find a home of its own. The Livejournal site is for friends only, so if you’d like to be added, just let me know your LJ ID. (And no mom, don’t even ask).

It’s now shortly after 3am Vegas time, and we just entered heads-up play. I quit caring about who won the WSOP right about the time Ryan busted, but I still realize I’m witness to poker history and should take advantage of that. Still, I wish we had a more likable guy to root for….