Last Day of Freedom

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Even though the summer officially ends on September 22, for me it is today. Tomorrow I have to actually get up at a reasonable hour (oh probably 9ish to be on the safe side), take a shower and look all pretty, drive over to Far West and try and find a place to park near the shuttle stops (and lament how easy it was when I used to live just right across the street from one…Lord help us all if I have to parallel park), then ride said shuttle to campus…in boredom, although I suppose I do have a book I can start. (Perhaps should start reading about poker now…) Then get to hop off the shuttle and start walking LIKE I REALLY DO KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM GOING. Cause really…I should. I mean, I have been there before, even if it was 7 years ago. My first class is in the Geology building, which I remember because that’s where I took Math. (makes sense, right?). Then my class after that one is in a building very close to that one, and I have an hour to find it, so if I can’t…boy am I in trouble. Then Thursday despite my very bad associations with an early morning Astronomy class (never ever went when I tried once before) I am doing it once again(!) and starting off my mornings at 9:30 with the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. The building this class meets in I remember not only as the one I had my first Astronomy class in (the one I actually passed) but also as the one I fell in front of and as a result, had to get seven stitches in my left knee. Note to self: be…more…careful. Then I wrap up my day with a Government class, which by God, I know where THAT building is, it being my major and all. Also very nicely located next to the shuttle stop, and my last class of the day…I worked that one quite nicely. Oh well…the one good thing about having 60,000 people on a campus is that a) you’re most likely not the only dumbass wandering around lost and b) probably most people are too self-absorbed or are too young and stupid to really be noticing.
Ugly is very excited about me going back to school…she helped me pack up my bag today and everything.

I have no real supplies at the moment…I mean, I have a new bag of course! Priorities!! And I got a notebook when I was getting Brennan’s school supplies, because it was the same blue as my car…but no books yet. And still haven’t gotten what I consider to be the most important supply, the iPod. (I suppose I should make sure the student loan covers all the books…then will use any extra for that…yadda yadda…)
OK…enough of this. It’s 6pm and I have precious few hours in which I can play poker and screw off in general before I have to actually buckle down and be all serious like and stuff!