LA = Screwed

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I promise Glyphic, I didn’t go looking. I stumbled upon them, or they were e-mailed to me, I swear!!

Austin poker bloggers now number at 22. Even if we don’t have the WPBT wins that y’all do (yet), we can still kick your asses in……poker related things where having large numbers of people is an advantage. Chip-throwing contest? Speed 52-card pickup?

Meet the new guys –

Poker Ninja – He’s on day 76 of his blog. 😉

Bad Beats Happen – find from the boss

Texas Poker Project – This is FIVE, count ’em, FIVE poker blogs in one. Apparently the poker-blogging UT student thing is not as unique as I thought. Except I’m a girl! I have that going for me!!

Bobostonepony – Bobo is actually a friend of a guy that Scott and I work with. Said friend sits between Scott and I, and I guess hearing our poker conversations has finally driven him to the edge. He now wants to learn how to play Hold ‘Em. I loaned him Phil Gordon’s book, while Scott started in with plans for Sklansky and Harrington. I told him not so fast!! After all, this is a person who failed our quiz tonight for what hands beat a full house. (He missed quads). We’ll get him there though. And then take all his money. 😈

The Absurd Condition – friend of one of the Texas Poker Project bloggers

ALL IN from the Porch – friend of his

See? It was all innocent clicking, I swear.

We’re going to try and get an Austin blogger tournament together soon, and see who takes the award for Blogger Champ. At least I know I’d be a shoe-in to win the award for prettiest. Unless Leslie starts a poker blog, that is.