Knocked off my pedestal

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[23:31] williamscottmcmillan: so you want a peice of me huh
[23:32] beadingwitchblade: lol
[23:32] beadingwitchblade: figured i’d try
[23:33] beadingwitchblade: hank kicked my ass in NL HU
[23:33] williamscottmcmillan: ouch how bad
[23:34] beadingwitchblade: it was pretty bad

And he still hasn’t turned off the “make April lose” feature at Full Tilt, so I lost $50 there playing with the boss. Cause it sure as hell wasn’t MY fault I over-valued my top-pair, decent kicker; hell no! Better to blame it on someone else, that’s always a winning strategy.

Stupid poker.