Just call me Mrs. Mousey…

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Or Miss. Hell, I don’t know, I’m working that out now.

Remember how I said I was addicted to Tracker’s Auto-Rate? I literally use it after every session. I just love seeing all the little icons get assigned to the players in the database. Anywho…when I first rated myself, I was a freakin’ phone. I was so offended. And the only other person I frequently play with, my mentor John was rating as a question mark. I took out our shorthanded play, I stay as a phone, and he’s a mouse. Which I thought was funny as hell. Just because here’s someone I look up to as a player, has taught me so much, and he’s getting the mouse icon. I was expecting the eagle or something. I still snicker…

So I think a week or so later, I get rated as a question mark. Well! So now what? I’m reckless? Unpredictable? You have no idea what I’m going to do next? I kinda like that…but I don’t like that “L”. Cause that’s not right. I’m not sure where that’s coming from. Trust me, I squeak like the little mousey I am now rating as.

Yes, that’s right, after today’s playing, I am now a mouse. Woo hoo! (I am making forward progress, right?) Have had nothing but losing sessions lately, but at least I have a cute little pink face to show now…with big mousey ears.

Speaking of my losing sessions…I’ve lost my mentor too. No idea where he is. So, I do have this here blog thing for a reason…

Go ahead, tell me how bad I played this. Cause as soon as it was over, I knew I screwed up.

Hand #3780008-7441 at Farmington (No Limit Hold’em)
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Started at 04/Jan/05 15:49:31

TexansBaby: Jd Qc


Driverdown folds. Jeff5150 calls. Lildud folds.
TexansBaby calls. Just Texas folds. latinogolf
folds. joneill81nyc raises to $1. quaddskater
folds. duce0511 folds. Poobar folds. Jeff5150
calls. TexansBaby calls.

Flop (board: Jh 4h Qh):

Jeff5150 checks. TexansBaby bets $4. joneill81nyc
calls. Jeff5150 folds.

Turn (board: Jh 4h Qh 7d):

TexansBaby checks. joneill81nyc bets $11.75.
TexansBaby folds. joneill81nyc is returned $11.75

Hand #3780008-7441 Summary:

$.50 is raked from a pot of $11.75.
joneill81nyc wins $11.25.

Here’s my thinking (after the fact, of course, so hell of a lot of good it did) – that PF raise meant pockets – maybe AKs – maybe. I bet the pot on the flop for the obvious reason – now – here’s the question. Why did I get called? It’s the betting the pot on the turn that makes me wonder…if you really had the flush…would you do that? Or was that just the classic drive-off that we all use? I didn’t play with this player much, but what I did see wasn’t impressive. Oh, why did I check on the turn? Because I was called on the flop for a pot-sized bet by someone who had raised PF with a flop like that one. (Although, I suppose, 2 things – 1. When the flop comes like that, it don’t matter who raised PF, cause your pocket is pretty much worthless at this point? and 2. Same thing, if the flop had been rainbow, given that I had hit top two pair…I tend to forget that…give way too much respect to raises sometimes). I’m trying really hard to not do the betting for them, because it gets me into a lot of trouble. But maybe I should have? And it did cross my mind to raise there.

I don’t know…I left that hand thinking, “that was either the best laydown I’ve made or I missed out on a huge pot”. The more I thought about it…the more I thought the latter. πŸ™