Just Because

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I’ll give a buyin to next week’s Mookie to the first person who can correctly answer the following two musical questions.

Why is this song on my iPod? – “Who Killed Tangerine” by Tears For Fears
Why does this hearing these two songs always make me want to play poker? – “Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas & “Toxic” by Britney Spears

I’ll take submissions until noon CT tomorrow, if there is no winner then, I’ll give hints and we’ll try again.

Well that was quick. I expected Ryan would easily get the first question thanks to his music geekness and knowledge of my movie tastes:

I know why the Tears For Fears song is on your iPod.
Because you’re a dork with the Fever Pitch soundtrack.

To save myself some dork points, I don’t actually own the entire soundtrack, just that one song. But yes, I do own it because it’s played at the end of the movie. And I absolutely love that movie. During our visit to NYC, Kat asked if I had seen it, which caused Heather and I to enter into a laughing fit. Yes, I’ve seen it. Thanks to a growing love of baseball and an unimaginative HBO programming director, I’ve seen it a lot.

The second question, I thought would take a little bit longer, seeing as how it’s not something you can pull up with a Google search. But I suppose if anyone was going to get it, it’d be someone “who has spent a hundred hours there.”

The MGM Grand poker room is surrounded by bars (probably why we love it so much) – one in the Sportsbook and the other a dark, trendy, loud-music blaring, bartender dancing on the bar, bar called Centerfuge. And oh how they love Brit and the Black Eyed Peas there. Those two songs are part of the endless loop of dance music that comes spilling out of the bar and into the poker room. Spend enough time there and you can’t help but associate the two. I always love the point at about 4 in the morning when you realize the poker room has gotten quiet, since the bar closed down hours ago and the music shut off.

So congratulations to Ryan, whom I suppose you can expect to see in an upcoming Mookie. Future contests are possible if I feel the need to slap something vaguely poker related up here.