Just another snowy Sunday

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Arrived this morning in Colorado Springs around 2 am, just as a light snow starts to fall. That my friends is the definition of timing.

I love my state, I really really do. I hate that it takes me 10 hours to drive out of it though. And I live in the middle. I love though that after 14 hours in a car, I still haven’t heard every song on my iPod. I did manage to hear all the Wilco though… 😉

Woke up this morning to snow on the ground and chips stacked on the kitchen table. To say that Fred is happy to have a fellow addict enthusist here full time would be an understatement. We are adjusting though. We definitely have different styles of play. At one point, playing heads up, Fred folded his hand after the flop and said “Can’t play these, 7-2 offsuit.” WELL. Rest assured I set him straight on that one! And rest assured he thought I was absolutely nuts. He thinks I’m too agressive. “Those diamonds didn’t scare you?” I give him the look – “No. I bet the pot every time, you shouldn’t have been in there chasing.”

The game is dealer’s choice. And America…oh my sweet, sweet America. She’s Fred’s 11 year old daughter and she has, much like my 12 year old stepson, picked up the poker bug from her parent. Her favorite game? Blind Man’s Bluff. And she’s awesome at it. Really the problem was that any game we played, if there was a 3 involved – meaning, in Hold’Em, if it was on the board, or if in Stud, you could see a 3 in her cards – you were screwed. She was going to win, it was a given. Me to America when I had paired the 3 on the board – “Oh, I got your 3 right here baby”. Fred to me – “I love that you’re trying to stare down an 11 year old.”

I’m not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. Fred mentioned something about a tourney at a strip club. I think I’d have a real advantage there, seeing as how I’d be a lot less distracted than most. (“Yep, see it every day boys.”) He’s very worried about overwhelming me with poker every day. I don’t think he gets it…


I think I had more fun preparing for this tourney than I did playing in the actual thing itself. And I’m going to chalk my dismal performance in it up to two things – Beck’s Dark and lack of altitude adjustment. I typically milk that last one for as long as I possibly can and apply it to as many situations as it can possibly fit, so why not this one as well, huh?

Congratulations to the winners and as usual, it was fun hanging out with everyone.

I’d like to thank The Academy…

Just in time for Fred to think I’m an even bigger dork, I’ve been given the honor of “Blog of the Week” from the crew at Lord Admiral Radio. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Great episode this week too, very timely for someone who’s about to hit a casino for the first time for “real”.